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RNC’s very bad week in DRC

By Jackson Mutabazi

Kayumba Nyamwasa’s fighters.

The past few weeks have been hell on earth for Rwanda National Congress, the anti-Rwanda terror group headed by Kayumba Nyamwasa. They have been facing fire from the Congolese army, the FRDC in their hideouts in eastern DRC that has dislodged, and psychologically traumatized them. RNC’s trauma is also reflected in Kampala-sponsored misinformation organs that have been feverishly weaving uncoordinated fictions regarding what has happened.

Commandpost, Edge, ChimpReports have been claiming, “RDF is killing Banyamulenge!” Others that “Banyamulenge are finishing RDF!” Yet others are alleging that “RNC is beating RDF”, even when it is the corpses of RNC that are everywhere on social media.

“It is becoming very difficult to keep track of the different stories or who is saying what,” said an observer. The fictions have been rendered laughable by video and pictures seen on different social media platforms, the Congolese army, however. In one video a Congolese military officer is seen interrogating some motley looking RNC fellows, trussed up like chicken thieves.

“Who are you?” the officer asks in Swahili. “We are Nyamwasa’s fighters!” they reply. It is clear these are POWs captured by the Congolese army.

How Commandpost or ChimpReports and other Museveni-regime misinformation organs are bringing RDF into the equation, only they know. Another question that arises, as prominent blogger Alain Mucyo points out is, “why are CMI or Museveni regime media more concerned about the fighting in DRC than even Congolese media?”

The conclusion is that the Museveni regime, its CMI and cronies are in shock at what has happened to their RNC proxy – the groups they had staked everything on in their destabilize-Rwanda strategy. FARDC has upset the applecart. Kampala is totally dismayed. The pro-Museveni’s propagandists don’t know what to do. They are disoriented so the first impulse is to do the only thing they excel at: blame Rwanda.

Looked at from the viewpoint of the anti-Rwandan coalition, the end surely has come for them in the vast DR Congo. There is a new Sheriff in Kinshasa and he won’t permit his country to continue being a ground for lawless armed groups to keep sowing instability in the region.

RNC’s ragged, shabby fighters have been smoked out of their forests. They have been pulverized and routed mercilessly by the newly invigorated FARDC. Their captured so-called commander, Mudasir Habib has appeared in social media pictures looking shell-shocked, his bulging eyes seeming like they will never close again.

Another picture that’s gone viral is of the corpse of one of their senior military leaders, Sibo Charles. It is the corpse of a man that has met an extremely scary end.

It is an end they have been deceived into by Kayumba Nyamwasa even as he has been enjoying the luxuries of Johannesburg. Nyamwasa is a callous individual that knew what was in store when Felix Tshisekedi came to power in DRC. Kayumba opted to send his cousin to Norway when Kinshasa issued warnings to bandits to get off its territory, or be forcefully evicted.

The cousin is none other than the cowardly Kayumba Rugema who only knows how to torture defenseless civilians in his role as a top RNC operative that works hand in hand with Museveni’s notorious CMI to abduct innocent Rwandans. Nyamwasa protected his cousin from the fire he knew was coming, but left the children of other Rwandans to face the bullets.

Those are the same young men many of whom the have been recruiting from refugees with lies, or the few unfortunate ones they abducted and tortured in CMI dungeons until they agreed to join the RNC. The latest shellacking that RNC has suffered – and the FDLR as well – is yet another body blow for the unraveling group.

Kayumba and other RNC honchos in their earlier days, fortified by governments like Museveni’s, were openly declaring war on Rwanda. Groups they were allied with, like FLN and its so-called “military leader” Callixte “Sankara” Nsabimana were boasting on Facebook that they had “captured Nyungwe”.

RNC had set up businesses in Uganda run by its chief financier Tribert Rujugiro. Uganda had become RNC’s de-facto home. CMI Chief Abel Kandiho had practically handed over abduction operations and torture of Rwandan nationals to RNC. Misinformation specialist David Himbara was attacking the Rwandan leadership with endless insults on his blog. “These people began to think they were unstoppable,” said a Kigali analyst.

Then late last year the body blows began raining on them.

First their FDLR allies got the shock of their life when, on 15 December last year, Congolese authorities at Bunagana arrested LaForge Fils Bazeye the group’s spokesman, and Theophile Abega, its chief of intelligence. They were coming from a meeting with RNC officials, which was coordinated by Philemon Mateke, Uganda’s state minister for regional affairs.

Mateke convened the meeting at the express instructions of Museveni, to better coordinate the activities of both groups in their goal of destabilizing Rwanda. Kinshasa grilled Bazeye and Abega for a couple of weeks, then handed them to Rwanda. Their value as suspects couldn’t be any higher.

Museveni was so panicked about what the two would disclose of his workings with them, RNC and other groups that, according to confidential sources the Ugandan ruler tried to bribe Congolese authorities with US$ 2 million to give the two to him. The Congolese preferred to keep their integrity. They did the right thing and handed Rwandan suspects to Rwanda.

As FDLR, and its allies Museveni, RNC and others were still reeling from the arrests of Bazeye and Abega, they received another nasty shock. In April this year Callixte Nsabimana was delivered to Rwanda and placed under custody.

All the-anti Rwandan groups – including the Museveni regime and its propaganda organs – again panicked. They imagined the damage of the cumulative information Rwanda was receiving from all these high value suspects. They were dismayed. They published a lot of misinformation in the newspapers, on their blogs and social media.

But the routing of RNC has been the hardest blow of all, the worst setback imaginable for the anti-Rwanda coalitions and all their supporters.

They all are floundering like fish out of water.

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