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RNC’s Frank Ntwari in Kampala to review Ugandan-facilitated RNC cadreship training

By Alex Muhumuza

RNC’s Frank Ntwari. He’s been in Uganda to meet RNC agents and cadres.

News reaching our desk is that Frank Ntwari, the Rwanda National Congress “commissioner of youth” currently is in Uganda where he has been meeting Prossy Bonabaana and Sulah Nuwamanya – two of the most prominent Kampala-based agents of the terrorist group. According to reliable sources, the South Africa-based Ntwari – who is a brother in law to RNC head Kayumba Nyamwasa – is in Kampala to evaluate progress on cadreship training of RNC recruits in Uganda. He is also meeting RNC cadres that have been recruited from several parts of the country.

In recent months, Virunga Post has reported details about recruitment activities for RNC going on all over Uganda and facilitated by the country’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, but also with the participation of the Special Forces Command.

Reliable sources have revealed that Bonabaana and Nuwamanya, who were operating a shell NGO, Self Worth Initiative, have been using this cover to set up cells in places like Hoima, Fort Portal, Kakumiro, Namutamba, Mubende, Kiboga Nakivale refugee settlement, and other places in addition to Kampala. The focus has mainly been on those places with sizable Kinyarwanda-speaking communities.

After the RNC agents have recruited its cadres with the help or facilitation of CMI, they are then taken to the RNC “cadreship training center” located in the Bugolobi suburb of Kampala, on Street 21, Mpanga Close.

The cadreship training, it has been revealed, is part of a recently hatched, two-part plan by which the regime of Uganda’s President, Museveni, plots to overthrow the Rwandan government.

It has long been an open secret that Museveni, in his long-term plan to destabilize Rwanda, adopted Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress as his main proxy, and assisted and facilitated the group openly. With CMI in charge, RNC has in the past recruited fighters, and CMI has provided them fake travel papers to training camps in the DRC. CMI has been facilitating the movements of officials and senior commanders of RNC throughout the region in their arms-purchasing operations, or to attend strategy meetings to destabilize Rwanda.

However, in mid 2019 RNC and other DR Congo-based illegal armed groups suffered heavy military routs that saw many of the terrorist top commanders and fighters either killed, or captured and repatriated to Rwanda to answer for their crimes.

Museveni and Nyamwasa were reported to have become desperate at the near total collapse of RNC. Their plans to destabilize Rwanda looked to have gone up in smoke.

It was then that they came up with their fresh, two-part plan – the first phase being “to build a movement of cadres with the right ideology.” It is for this reason that the likes of Bonabaana and Nuwamanya have been setting up cells and recruiting in several places, and apparently this is part of what they will be reviewing with Ntwari.

Reliable sources have revealed that the trainers of the cadreship center, who offer online courses include people like: Gervais Condo, the US-based RNC secretary general; Epimaque Ntamashobora, the UK-based RNC commissioner in charge of mobilization, among others. Local-based instructors include Robert Higiro, Epimaque Runanira, and Rusagara.

“Museveni and Nyamwasa realized that they miserably failed the first time, and they seem to be determined to move ahead, instead of acknowledging they will never get anywhere,” said a Kigali-based security observer.

According to reliable information, “phase two” of the plan is supposed to begin when a sizable enough body of cadres has been trained, “and understand the ideology well.” These are then supposed to be sent back to communities with significant numbers of Kinyarwanda-speakers, either Rwandan nationals or Ugandans of Rwandan origin.

The idea is to further mobilize and recruit enough young men for war against Kigali.

A security observer in Kigali, hearing of these things, remarked: “no matter their changes in strategy, their efforts will be futile. They will be just as decimated in the future as they were in the past!”

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