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RNC terrorists form new armchair terror group, ditching Nyamwasa – who together with Kandiho are yet to produce Rutabana

By Moses Gisa

Jean Paul Turayishimye (left) and Thabita Gwiza (right) ditched Nyamwasa (center) to form another armchair terrorist group.

After fallout within the RNC terrorist camp – when several of its members became exceedingly incensed with Kayumba Nyamwasa whom for the past several years they’ve pinned for corruption, diversion of member funds into personal businesses, nepotism, and more lately the disappearance of RNC “Commissioner for Capacity Building” Benjamin Rutabana – defectors have formed a new group. This outfit, already termed “just another armchair terror group” by experts, is called “Rwanda Alliance for Change (RAC).” The outfit was announced this week, Monday 6 July 2020, in Ottawa, Canada.

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RAC is led by Jean Paul Turayishimye, Nyamwasa’s former “right hand man” and former head of research and intelligence for the RNC. Others who defected are Tabitha Gwiza, a senior member of RNC’s so-called “Canada Province”, Benoit Umuhoza, former leader of “RNC France”, Bakamira Bellarmin, Kamana Achille, Karege Anicet, (another former member of “RNC France”), Karuranga Musoni Saleh, Mukobwajana Pacifique, and Ndagijimana Etienne. They were all in the top RNC leadership prior to decamping from the terror group citing “unresolvable internal wrangles.”

According to analysts and political observers, RNC will remain composed of just a small gang of Nyamwasa and his wife, his brother in law Frank Ntwari, his cousin Rugema Kayumba, and a few others. “They are completely demoralized not only by Nyamwasa’s corrupt ways, but also by the severe beating their armed, eastern DRC-based rebel group has received in recent times and completely routed,” remarked one observer. Nyamwasa being surrounded by relatives says a lot about how much he believes in principles of democracy. “Imagine almost all the top officials disagreed with him. But instead of him leaving, they left. It is as if the RNC is his personal kiosk,” a source commented.

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According to this thinking, Nyamwasa and his small family clique will just keep conning Museveni and eating his money, with the help of Museveni’s security agencies – most notably the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence – that draw large budgets with support for RNC as justification. “It will still be very easy because the Ugandan ruler still clings to his plots of destabilizing Rwanda, however many times his proxies suffer defeats,” our security analyst added.

For Turayishimye and the others, including family members of Rutabana such as Gwiza the writing has long been on the wall until they jumped ship to form RAC. According to Diaspora sources, these are just signs of bankruptcy of ideas. “They hate Nyamwasa, but they have no good cause themselves; so, they formed their armchair group – what makes them think they can be any more successful than RNC?” wondered our source, adding: “what they can’t seem to understand is that Rwanda has left them behind.”

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Meanwhile Kayumba Nyamwasa and his friend, CMI chief Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho, are under intense pressure to produce Rutabana, dead or alive. Recently, an American rights organisation has joined the calls to produce Rutabana. The International Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI) pins Rutabana’s disappearance on CMI, and by implication RNC that collaborated with CMI in the crime. It has dismissed Kayumba’s attempts to distance himself from his disappearance.

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Rutabana’s family – since September last year when he went missing – has proved that it is RNC, particularly Kayumba and his in law Ntwali, with the help of CMI that are responsible for his disappearance. “They are the ones that know where he is,” the family members insist.

“Rutabana is a guest of Uganda, and Uganda has to produce the man dead or alive, there is no escaping that fact,” a social media commentator noted.

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