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RNC rocked by quarrels and internal divisions

By Jackson Mutabazi

RNC’s Washington-based general coordinator Jerome Nayigiziki and the RNC’s fugitive leader Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Divisionism and wrangles are rocking Rwanda National Congress, with senior members of the terror organization at each other’s throats.

One of the many reasons for internal RNC quarrels is money, an example being recently when RNC’s leadership asked Jean Paul Ntagara (who doubles as treasurer of the “Canada Province”) for funds belonging to the group. But Ntagara refused to hand over the money.

But reasons for the wrangles run deeper than money, according to highly reliable sources.

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According to our sources, RNC’s Washington-based general coordinator Jerome Nayigiziki on Tuesday 26, this week temporarily suspended four Canada-based RNC members: Simeon Ndwaniye, the coordinator of the Windsor region; Ntagara the vice coordinator of the “Canada Province” as well as its treasurer; Achille Kamana the commissioner in charge of mobilization, “Canada Province”, as well as the coordinator of the Ottawa-Gatineau region; and Tabitha Gwiza, head of gender activities as well as treasurer of the Windsor region. Tabitha Gwiza is the sister of Benjamin Rutabana, RNC commissioner of capacity development.

Our investigation revealed that the reasons Nayigiziki suspended the four was because they recently (on 21 this month) held a meeting that Nayigiziki and others of RNC leadership committee – including Patrick Uwariraye its Canada coordinator – said was illegal and “very contrary to the rules, regulations and ethics” of RNC.

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Nayigiziki further denounced the four as having “overreached” in holding that meeting.

During the meeting, which has caused chaos and consternation in RNC’s leadership, the four senior members are said to have torn into Gervais Condo, the group’s secretary general and Minani Corneille the third vice-coordinator and warned them “to stop meddling in their affairs”.

After receiving the report of the meeting the four “rebels” had held, Nayigiziki wrote his scathing letter to them – the same one which notified them of their suspension – that also detailed other “grave mistakes”.

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Nayigiziki wrote, “your meeting arrogated powers it doesn’t have such as: suspending the coordinator (Uwariraye) who up to now has been exemplary in our organization in general. On top of that you gave yourself the ability to denounce the third vice coordinator (Minani), the secretary general (Condo), and other colleagues of yours in the coordination committee of the Canada Province.”

The letter concludes that because of the serious nature of the offenses committed, and “in the interest of curtailing chaos in the organization” the four are “from today 26 November 2019, temporarily suspended from all their duties in RNC”.

Blood is boiling in RNC; expect feathers to fly even more!, our source said.

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