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RNC recruits and how they are made to feel at home in Uganda

By Jean Gatera

CMI torture victim Steven Mugwaneza, left, discloses how members of Nyamwasa’s RNC are made to feel at home in Uganda. But innocent Rwandans kidnapped by CMI (headed bu Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho) face harrowing torture

One of the six Rwandans dumped at the Kagitumba border on Friday has confirmed that Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terrorist militia, Rwanda National Congress (RNC), is re-organizing and re-grouping with the help of the authorities in Uganda.

Recently, this website published an investigative report showing how Kampala, through the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), has stepped up efforts to build up its anti-Rwanda proxy militia. According to Steven Mugwaneza, one of the six Rwandans recently dumped at the Kagitumba Border Post, Rwandans in the Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC terrorist group are very much at home in Uganda.

“Members of RNC have such a welcome in Uganda that makes them feel right at home, and it is not a secret!” Mugwaneza says.

He was abducted on 17 October, last month, and detained without trial. He tells how it was individuals in military attire that kidnapped him. They bundled him into a vehicle that looks like a Kampala taxi, handcuffed, and blindfolded him. He says they first took him to a “safe house”, and then to CMI’s Headquarter in Mbuya.

They hounded him with accusations of “espionage”, accompanied by torture. He says he told the interrogators he had no idea what they were talking about.

At Mbuya, Mugwaneza says, he was in close company with RNC recruits (whom CMI had released from Uganda police).

He disclosed that there is still a lot of activity by CMI together with RNC agents that continue to actively recruit for Kayumba Nyamwasa’s group, Kampala’s main proxy in plots to destabilize Rwanda. He says he saw evidence of this in CMI’s Mbuya headquarters where he saw several RNC members undergoing what he says was “a verification exercise.”

“If a ‘real’ RNC member is accidentally arrested for instance, this person calls his superiors to secure his release”, Mugwaneza narrated, “Kayumba’s people have a phone number to call in case of any trouble.” Recently for instance this website exposed how CMI secured the release of cadres and recruiters for RNC when police, which wasn’t aware their operations were abetted by CMI and its bosses, arrested them.

Mugwaneza says he also learnt that Frank Ntwali, a South Africa-based senior RNC official and Nyamwasa’s brother in law, is in constant communication with CMI, and RNC in Uganda.

“Whenever there is a problem, Frank sends money to solve it,” one Fred – an RNC recruiter undergoing CMI ‘vetting’  – told Mugwaneza. The recruiter showed off his message exchanges with Ntwali.

“They [CMI] arrested us”, this Fred wrote. To which Ntwali responded, “contact Ayub”.

Mugwaneza says he also learnt that most of the RNC recruits are from the Nakivale Refugee camp, “in small groups of ten.” He adds that these then “are photographed by their recruiters.”

Soon, he disclosed, RNC is to begin to issue ID cards to its members.

Mugwaneza was uncertain whether “Fred” was trying to recruit him or not. For self-proclaimed RNC militia members, life in the CMI facility was easy, Mugwaneza notes. “They had mobile phones and someone to bring them food, and they are not threatened or tortured”, he revealed. “But for others, it is hell on earth! We were tortured, and not allowed to talk to anyone from outside.” Mugwaneza says they starved him for days. The RNC members are then released after Ntwali’s intervention.

Mugwaneza’s revelations confirmed several publications that that showed how RNC operates freely in Uganda. RNC has stepped up its activities under the tutorship of CMI, and a new approach is to train cadres and to issue them ID cards proves it.

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