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RNC-CMI liaison officers unveiled

Virunga post has been bringing you up to date news on the scheme between Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Rwanda National Congress (RNC) targeting the government of Rwanda.
Innocent Rwandans have been getting arrested and tortured in Uganda to conceal the recruitment of rebels for the RNC. At the center of these activities have been two names that kept surfacing: Mukombozi and Rugema Kayumba. But who are they?

Rugema Kayumba:

Rugema is 40 years old. Born in Rwekubo, Nakivale refugee camp in Mbarara district of Uganda, he is a son to Claudien Kayumba and Jeanne Bazubagira. He is married to Peace Nasasira Kamanzi, a Ugandan.
Rugema grew up in Uganda where he studied his primary school at Bujaburi Kyaka 2 in Tooro district but returned to Rwekubo Primary School in Nakivale.
Between 1992 and 1995, he pursued O-Level studies at Isingiro Secondary School before moving to Rwanda for his A-Level studies at Rwanda International Academy in Kicukiro, Kigali (1996 and 1998).
Rugema joined the Rwanda Defence Forces immediately after completing secondary school in 1998.

In 2000, Corporal Rugema was seconded for further studies and enrolled at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) on a government scholarship, graduating in 2005 in Food Science.

After graduation, Rugema was recalled to resume duties in the army. However, he was reluctant to serve, deserted the army and fled to Uganda.

Sources reveal that there was a problem with his discipline and an attitude that no longer fit in the army. He became irrational, which colleagues thought was due to mental problems he appeared to have developed.

Tough times in Uganda and a security guard in Iraq:

Life did not treat Rugema well while in self-imposed exile in Uganda. In 2009 he took a job as a security guard in Iraq. When his contract ended hard times struck again.

In 2011, Rugema sought refugee in Norway and lived in Oslo. While there, he became representative of the RNC in Scandinavian countries where he would spew anti-Rwanda rhetoric until early last year when his uncle, Kayumba Nyamwasa, deployed him to Uganda to coordinate RNC activities, including working with CMI to recruit rebels to destabilize Rwanda.

After CMI tortured and dumped Fidele Gatisnzi at the Gatuna border, it was revealed that he had been arrested in Uganda by Rugema and Mukombozi, the RNC tried to confuse the public about who Mukombozi is.

Rugema went on Facebook claiming that Mukombozi is a journalist who lives in Australia. However, the one in Australia is Robert Mukombozi – who used to be a journalist and the one who arrested Gatsinzi is a totally different person: Corporal Abdu Karim Mulindwa, alias Mukombozi.

Abdul Karim Mukombozi is a Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) soldier No. RA189654 attached to the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

Mukombozi is a 34 year old Ugandan of Rwandan origin, a son to Abdukarim Mulindwa Muhigirwa (who also happens to have a Christian name, Francois) and Sauda Nyirandutiye. He is the eldest of four siblings, two boys and two girls. His family lived much of their life as (Rwandese) refugees in Mabona, Isingiro district.

Mukombozi’s parents returned to Rwanda in the early 1980s fearing persecution by Milton Obote’s government like many Rwandan refugees leaving in Uganda, the family settled in Nyabwishongwezi , currently in Nyagatare district.

They remained there until 1986 when they returned to Uganda after Obote was overthrown by the National Resistance Army (NRA) that was mainly composed by Rwandan youths.

After the Rwandese Patriotic Front took power in Rwanda, Mukombozi and his family returned to Rwanda along with the wave of refugees who were returning home after decades in exile. Again, his family settled in Nyagatare, this time at a place called Rurenge in Rukomo Sector.

In 2000 Mukombozi’s family, except for his father and grandmother, returned to Uganda. However, a few years later Mukombozi’s father also joined them in Uganda, although many extended relatives of his remain in Rwanda to this day.

Mukombozi’s relatives describe him as a person of dubious character, a thief and liar, since childhood and wonder how he became Abel Kandiho and Kayumba Nyamwasa’s trusted righthand man, something they say probably has to do with birds of the same feather flocking together.

In 2003 Abdul Karim Mulindwa (aka Mukombozi) joined the army, UPDF. It is in the UPDF where he began to undertake missions that have turned around his life, especially as a CMI operative. It is how he ended up in the CMI-RNC scheme.

In the CMI-RNC set up, Mukombozi, as he is commonly referred to, is one of the focal points: he facilitates and shields RNC operatives while they carry out the recruitment of rebels. He is also used by CMI as a computer, showing CMI those Rwandans who should be arrested and tortured for not supporting rnc activities in Uganda.

In fact, in 2013 Mukombozi was arrested by Uganda Police, together with Lt. Joel Mutabazi, as he was attempting to help the latter to cross Uganda’s Mutukula border. He was later released.

It is these RNC related assignments that brought Rugema and Mukombozi close to Brigadier Abel Kandiho of CMI, who is in close contact with Kayumba Nyamwasa in South Africa.

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