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RNC agent daily mudslings Rwanda even as Kigali caters to the wellbeing of his family

By Jackson Mutabazi

RNC agent, Rutaburingoga Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi.

In the age of “Fake News”, one Rutaburingoga Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi has distinguished himself with the fictitious stories he posts on his Facebook page – with a very clear anti-Rwanda agenda. This man unfailingly is one of the first with accusations of crimes against the Rwandan administration, however wild they always turn out to be.

When a lawyer dies in Kisoro, Wakabirigi is the first to accuse Rwanda with fake news, that Kigali has a hand in the death. When assassins on motorcycles gun down some prominent Ugandan, before the post-mortem report is out Nuwamanya is indicting Rwanda. It has been like that for a long time.

Even when someone like Muhammad Kirumira the late DPC of Buyende, warns that certain Uganda regime mafias are out to kill him (“if I speak out, I die; if I keep quiet, I die!”) when it happens and the Mafias indeed execute Kirumira, Nuwamanya Wakabirigi will be insisting on his Facebook page that “Rwanda is responsible.”

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Even with the recent incident when assassins killed Museveni’s nephew Nteireho Ruhegyera and the woman he was travelling with in his luxury vehicle predictably the RNC/CMI propagandist pointed a finger at Rwanda. Uganda Police itself said the weapons on the crime scene had been taken from a policeman. But such facts matter nothing to Wakabirigi; and to others like him in their collective war of misinformation against Rwanda.

Recently Wakabirigi has been amplifying tall tales by David Himbara, the Canada-based RNC Chief Propagandist, that “Kigali has sent people to assassinate him”. The Canadian Police asked him to provide some tangible evidence for his claims, which Himbara failed to do. Like we’ve pointed out, Wakabirigi has been particularly outstanding in his outpourings of anti-Rwandan vitriol.

The answers for this are to be found in strange circumstances.

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When the RNC propagandist dumped his wife for other women a few years back, the Republic of Rwanda was the one that rescued his wife and children. Nuwamanya Wakabirigi dumped his wife Beatrice Batamuriza together with their four children very callously. These things were reported in the neighborhood where they lived.

The children that Nuwamanya left, without even rent money for one month; and not even salt money! – according to those that know the family – are three girls: 12, 10 and 8 respectively. The fourth is a little boy of 6.

When life became impossible for Beatrice and her kids, with a deadbeat dad never coming back, she did what any responsible mother would. Knowing that the government in Kigali would never fail to help a lady and her kids in such a situation she asked for support. She got it, including assistance with the kids’ schooling – on government expense – and with (Mutuelle) basic health insurance.

By then Nuwamanya was in Uganda, working for Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC in their continued harassment and persecution of innocent Rwandans travelling, or already resident in Uganda, in addition to churning out daily misinformation and smears. As the Swahili saying goes, “asante ya punda ni mateke” – a donkey thanks you with kicks!

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“This is the kind of character – society misfits and irresponsible people that can’t even take care of their children – that are favored by CMI!” said a Ugandan analyst.

Nuwamanya had worked in Kigali for a few years as a journalist, so “that must have qualified him to be a publicist for RNC, amongst other things they’ve charged him with,” according to those in the know.

Nuwamanya has been an organizer for press events involving Tribert Rujugiro, the RNC chief financier. Such an event happened earlier this year when he arranged for Kampala-based media to go on a PR trip to sanitize the tobacco business of Rujugiro in Arua District. There, the RNC financier owns a tobacco-processing plant in which, it has been shown with documentary proof, Museveni’s brother Salem Saleh owns shares.

“People should understand in the light of all these facts what motivates Nuwamanya’s hate filled tirades against Rwanda,” said a media analyst that worked with him back when Nuwamanya was in Kigali.

The first reason is that he came to Rwanda, but failed to make a life in Kigali, through his own failings, commented the analyst. Having failed in Rwanda, Nuwamanya then went to join groups composed of others that too had left Rwanda after committing different crimes or offences themselves – like Rujugiro with his economic crimes.

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These groups have found the perfect alliance in Museveni’s Uganda where the ruler harbors his long-term plans to destabilize Rwanda, with the hope of one day installing a puppet regime in Kigali.

Currently Nuwamanya is on the “RNC executive committee”, where he works alongside one Prossy Bonabaana, a CMI agent that takes her orders and instructions from Col. CK Asiimwe, the CMI Number 2. The same Colonel CK Asiimwe also is the handler of Sulah Nuwamanya Rutaburingoga Wakabirigi in their misinformation campaigns against Rwanda, and attacks on Rwandans.

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