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Revealed: FDLR personality behind social media hate propaganda “Donat Gapyisi”

By Moses Gisa

According to information this website has obtained, the identity behind “Donat Gapyisi” – a well-known genocide denialist account – is one Jean Damascene Rutiganda, alias “Col.” Mazizi, a high-ranking member of the FDLR terror group. “Donat Gapyisi is frequently posting messages of hate that disseminate genocide ideology.

Rutiganda, alias “Col.” Mazizi is known as an extremist that coordinates the media propaganda operations of FDRL – the offshoot of the ex-FAR and Interahamwe militias that implemented the genocide in Rwanda in 1994– and works closely with “Maj. Gen.” Pacifique Ntawunguka alias Omega, the head of “FOCA- Abacunguzi”, “the armed wing of FDLR.” Mazizi reports to Omega, our sources say.

“I know Col Mazizi, he grew up in the former Commune Murama, Gitarama Prefecture,” a source told us. He was a renowned genocidaire, back when he was the mayor of Commune Murama (now Ruhango District). Mazizi (who now calls himself Donat Gapyisi to hide his true identity and freely disseminate messages of hate on Facebook masterminded the massacre of thousands of Tutsis in Murama commune.

Sources also tell us that Mazizi was convicted to a life sentence by Murama Gacaca courts in absentia.

Messages on Donat Gapyisi’s Facebook page show that he posts a lot of discredited theories: that “RPF shot down Habyarimana’s plane”, that “RPF committed genocide”, and so many other things that have long been revealed as mere genocide denying propaganda.

“Col.” Rutiganda was recently appointed to head the FDLR’s websites known as Intabaza (www.intabaza.com) and Urugaga (www.urugaga.org). “He pledged full allegiance to the terror outfit; he cannot come back to Rwanda where a life sentence in prison awaits him,” the source said.

“But whatever they do come and however long they continue to commit their crimes in Congo, their days are numbered!” said a security analyst. “One day even this “Col.” Rutiganda or Gapyisi will be answerable, the way even their leader Kabuga is finally facing justice!”

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