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Rene Mugenzi discovers Karma

By Robert Rutoma

Rene Mugenzi’s forty days of a thief are over. He won’t be conning any more people.

Rene Mugenzi is finally busted. As the old saying goes, the days of a thief are 40. Mugenzi’s fortieth caught up with him in very humiliating circumstances recently, when the man falsely propped up as a “UK-based Rwandan human rights crusader” was arrested for stealing church funds! Comeuppance has never found a more deserving mark. 

The scandal has served not only to expose Rene Mugenzi as an individual but has also blown the cover off the entire cartel of Western-based Rwandans and their allies that peddle the fraudulent bill of goods known as “campaigners for political space and human rights in Rwanda.”

Rene Mugenzi has been part of a steadily growing lucrative anti-Rwanda movement whose business model is to exploit the naivety and ignorance of some, and the known complicity of others in the West that want nothing more than destabilizing Rwanda. The well-meaning but ignorant have been duped out of their funds. The devious ones provide the likes of Mugenzi the validating propaganda they require.

But with Mugenzi the eyes of even the most credulous or gullible have been opened. Is this what human rights and ‘political space’ campaigners are like? Many are asking now. A thief that steals from a church is the person promoting so-called democracy in Rwanda! One can hear the gnashing of teeth in embarrassment.

Rene Mugenzi, a notorious genocide denier and revisionist has been active in the UK for decades where he succeeded at disguising his malicious designs against Rwanda. He succeeded at promoting his genocide denialism, and his agenda of sowing divisionism amongst Rwandans.

The son of a radical genocidaire, Mugenzi employed his deceptive expertise to position himself as the voice of “the Rwandan opposition”, which earned him much airtime on mainstream Western media like the BBC where he used the platform to disseminate thinly veiled messages of the genocide ideology, and amplifying the revisionist narrative.

Until the veil fell off, Mugenzi had perfected the art of playing victim. One time he managed to send UK security agencies on a wild goose chase after he made them believe “his life was in danger,” with the allegation that “Rwandan state operatives were after him.”

The deception was so potent he was provided security protection.

By the same methods of deception, Mugenzi almost managed to succeed into coercing the Norwich court that jailed him for theft, from publicizing the details of the case.

But the end of the road came when vigilant media houses rubbished the injunction, presenting evidence that Mugenzi’s claims had no basis whatsoever.

The truth, however, has a way of catching up on someone, however long it takes. And the truth has caught up with Rene Claudel Mugenzi, big time.

And as if the fates are throwing a big bonus to Rwanda, Rene Mugenzi’s genocidaire father, Joseph Mugenzi too is in custody. The law has caught up with him decades after he duped the authorities in Holland into granting him asylum. They’ve finally come to their senses, that the man is a top-level criminal that has to face justice.

Karma indeed is at work.

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