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Reasons behind an obfuscating piece in Commandpost, a Kampala website

By Alex Muhumuza

CMI-RNC sponsored website.

One of the Ugandan regime propaganda websites is pushing the usual anti-Rwanda line in peddling the slander that “Rwanda staged the attack” in Kinigi, Musanze District last Friday that killed 15 people and left 18 others injured.

Commandpost – a tool that accesses its funds from Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, through one Bob Atwine, an individual with a reputation for being highly corrupt – is the ringleader with regards to the latest anti-Rwanda smear.

The goal of the article, analysis indicates, is to sow doubts about the fact that the attackers – from a group called FDLR RUD, which is together with Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC in the so-called “P5” alliance – were recruited in Uganda. In fact Commandpost seeks to gaslight the Rwandan authorities by claiming there wasn’t an attack by FDLR RUD in the first place, therefore, “it is Kigali that staged the whole thing!”

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In the article headlined “attacks in Rwanda blamed on Kigali Govt to drag in Uganda, victims buried in mass graves”, the website claims that “the opposition in Rwanda” has said “there are more questions than answers to the attacks!” The particular “opposition” that Commandpost is referring to apparently is none other than one Professor Charles Kambanda – a well-known member of RNC based in the United States.

Museveni’s main proxy in his long-term plot to install a puppet regime in Kigali is none other than Kayumba Nyamwasa with his RNC, followed by factions in their “P5” grouping in which RNC is closely allied with FDLR. Little wonder then, observers say, that Commandpost quotes Charles Kambanda at length, to obfuscate and to absolve Kampala as well as FDLR RUD of guilt in the killings of innocent Kinigi civilians.

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When FDLR attacked however, it hadn’t counted on what happened next. Rwandan security forces launched a quick counter-operation that killed nineteen of the bandits and, with the help of local civilians five of them (bandits) were captured alive. They then disclosed to the media that they had been recruited in Uganda, and that they belonged to FDLR RUD.

They are on video saying that. One of them, Theoneste Habumukiza a graduate in business administration from the University of Rwanda disclosed that he was recruited into FDLR while he was pursuing a masters course at Makerere University in Kampala.

Habumukiza, who hails from Burera District, said: “I was approached by a wealthy person who encouraged me to join FDLR, saying that when they capture the country they would reward me with a well-paying job, and other incentives.”

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Analysts say that Commandpost and its masters, having seen the highly incriminating video and knowing what the others would be saying during interrogation, is rushing to confuse the issue. That’s the reason for the propaganda that Kigali staged the attack on its own citizens, analysts continue.

Observers add that the Ugandan authorities equally are uneasy not only about what the captured fellows have told the journalists, but about what that – and further information they are bound to give – will say about the duplicity of the Ugandan leadership as it continues with acts to destabilize a neighbor while pretending it is not.

Leaders as far away as Angola have been doing their best to mediate the frosty relations between Kampala and Kigali. But it becomes ever more clearer, with attacks such as that of Kinigi, that the problem is the Ugandan leadership, events show. Kagame and Museveni signed the MoU in Luanda, but Museveni’s sponsorship of anti-Rwanda armed groups continues unabated according to evidence like the attack in Kinigi.

Therefore Commandpost, as if on cue, has jumped in with its misinformation piece.

The CMI sponsored troll site quoting Kambanda at length launches into a spiel of pseudo analysis, talking of “the times between the attack”, and “when the attack was announced”, and how “it is suspicious the victims were buried in a mass grave” (of course no such thing happened – the victims families preferred they be buried together, but it was in individual graves), and so on.

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Kambanda is extensively quoted voicing conspiracy theories about what allegedly happened during the attack. His main objective being to tarnish the Kigali leadership with the murders, he bizarrely twists events, asking obviously fallacious questions such as: “how did RDB know that Kinigi was safe again before announcing that?!”

“Of course they (RDB) knew it because the criminals had been killed, others captured, and the police and army had secured the entire area!” seethed a Kigali security official.

The so-called professor goes on in that vein, like the disingenuous claims that family members of the victims didn’t view the bodies. They did, as reports from Musanze clearly showed, but the RNC official was banking on lack of knowledge of the events, say by foreigners, to push through that particular lie.

“It is just one tedious falsehood after another by Kambanda, but what to else to expect of the man?” a reader asked. But whatever Kambanda says, the evidence of Uganda and FDLR culpability is overwhelming. Two of the captured attackers: one Second Lieutenant Selemani Kabayija and Private Fidel Nzabonimpa went to Uganda last year where they were received by the Ugandan military, UPDF in the border town of Kisoro.

At the end of it all, basically Commandpost and its handlers were anticipating such damaging information, so they did their best to confuse the issue.

Also in airing the falsehoods of Kambanda, the website was disseminating the propaganda of someone whose interests are the same as theirs; the same as Kayumba Nyamwasa’s and, ultimately, the same as Museveni’s.

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