Home Politics RDF defilement suspect, Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera escapes into Uganda

RDF defilement suspect, Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera escapes into Uganda

By Alain Mucyo

Sgt. Maj. Kabera whose crime has made him escape to Uganda.

A sergeant major of the Rwanda Defense Force, Robert Kabera has escaped after defiling his own daughter, a 15-year old. An investigation by Virunga Post has ascertained that the suspect has fled to Uganda.

It is said that Kabera – who committed the crime in the night of last Saturday, 21 November in his home in Ndera, Gasabo District – immediately disappeared. It is said he was scared he could face arrest. He went to Kagitumba from where, our inquiries reveal, he crossed into Uganda using a porous route as security authorities were closing in on him.

Sgt. Maj. Kabera, a musician in the RDF band, was said to have committed the crime under the influence of alcohol, which he is said to be a heavy user.

According to sources that know Kabera well, this is a soldier that has been plagued by indiscipline throughout his career, “despite the fact he was given many chances” a former colleague said.

Now even his own family members are appalled at what he has done, defiling his own daughter.

Information we have is that the rogue soldier slipped into Uganda last Sunday, in the dark at around 10 am.

RDF yesterday, Monday 23, put out a statement that it had launched an investigation against Kabera on defilement allegations.

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