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Rather than incite others to violence, why can’t “Professor of Hate” Kambanda himself go to the jungles, hold a gun? commentators ask

By John Karera

“Professor of hate” Kambanda incites children of others to violence. Many wonder why, if he loves it so much, he doesn’t head to the jungles of eastern Congo, pick a gun, and try violence himself.

The man known as “the professor of hate”, US-based Charles Kambanda, was earlier this week, on Tuesday, inciting violence after he called upon “Rwandan refugees” to take up arms to overthrow the RPF leadership. Kambanda did this during an interview on one of the many YouTube-based terrorist media outlets, RTV Ubwiyunge Radio & Television, run by one of the overseas anti-Rwanda armchair terrorist groups: CNRD-Ubwiyunge.

Kambanda, who claims to be a “researcher and human rights defender” though he has long been exposed as a genocide revisionist and denier – whom an a well-researched article of the First this month on the blackstarnews.com website has compared to notorious deniers of the Jewish Holocaust – and his online media hosts have been disseminating messages of genocide ideology for a long time.

In the interview Kambanda says: “’Rwandans in exile, take up arms and overthrow the RPF! Let no one ask me again what the law says about that. It is a human right. There is no other choice but to stand up and fight. If anyone asks, say Kambanda told you to take up arms!” said the agitated sounding man, who has invariably been described as a hate monger.

“However it is very easy for these dishonest demagogues to incite others to violence when they themselves sit comfortably in the West,” commentators on Facebook said. They wonder why if Kambanda, who teaches at St. Johns University in New York State, is so committed to violence, he himself does not come to the jungles of Congo, join FDLR and take up a gun. “Then he would show us how brave he is!” commentators observe.

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But this “professor of hate” is very happy to mislead the children of others to take up arms for criminal causes, who then perish in military routs, the facts show. It is the same thing the South Africa-based Nyamwasa has been doing, “but when RNC was annihilated mid last year in DRC, did anyone hear Nyamwasa even offer a word of condolence to even one of the parents of the hundreds of RNC rebels that were killed? Did anyone hear from Kambanda?!,” people ask.

“Imagine how such an old man with such ideas pollutes young minds with his poison,” said an observer that followed the interview.

It is worth reminding our readers that Prof. Charles Kambanda, now teaching in the United States, after he was dismissed from the National University of Rwanda, for gross misconduct, where he was infamous for “trading grades for sex.” In the US, “he must have seriously misled his current employers, St. Johns University; otherwise, the ethically-challenged man would never find employment,” said a former colleague at NUR.

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The CNRD-Ubwiyunge YouTube channel is part of the larger MRCD-Ubumwe outfit of Faustin Twagiramungu and Paul Rusesabagina, individuals that have spent years in Europe opportunistically posing as “Rwandan opposition leaders.”

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