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Radio station in France provides platform to notorious genocide revisionist and denier Judi Rever

By Joan Karera

Notorious genocide apologist Judi Rever. She’s recently been peddling her deranged views on a French radio station

Judi Rever, a Canadian freelance journalist who has gained a reputation as a deranged revisionist of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, recently appeared on a French radio station, Sud Radio, to promote her negation book, in praise of blood, which has been debunked as full of falsehoods by respected researchers. Observers are shocked that “a self-respecting radio station could offer a well-known genocide denier like Rever airtime to air her revisionist theories.” 

In the interview, Rever repeated her usual claims that she had gotten “confidential reports” from the former International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), from which she claims to have read that “RPA soldiers were in trainings since 1992, and that they were deployed in all prefectures of the country in January 1994 for them to infiltrate in Interahamwe and join them in killing Tutsi during the genocide”.

“This is the kind of crazy claptrap that should never be aired on a serious radio platform!” exclaimed a Rwandan Facebook commentator.

According to commentators that were following the interview, the so-called “confidential reports” Rever keeps talking about never existed.

Rever has proved for long that she is not a reputable person, with her ambition to falsify the history of the genocide against Tutsi having long been exposed, many researchers, including the renowned genocide scholar Linda Melvern. Recently Judi Rever was even rejected by the Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award organizers, due to her continuous involvement in the denialism of the genocide, which she does in the name of journalism.

Among her claims in the radio interview was that “France acted in good faith on Rwanda”, a statement that is the exact opposite of the truth, history shows. France was a staunch ally of the Habyarimana regime and provided military support to fight the liberating forces of the RPA. “Such facts are beyond dispute, but trust genocide apologists to keep trying to change history,” a social media commentator said.

“Rever is just cynically committed to making money out of her revisionist theories about Rwanda’s history, which she energetically does because she has a true affiliation to genocidaires,” said an official in Kigali that requested privacy.

Experts on genocide observe that giving a platform to someone like Rever supports the continuation of genocide, since denial actually is its last stage. “Now that the French government issued a decree to recognize the genocide against Tutsi, that country should also take a step ahead and ban deniers getting public platforms, like they do with deniers of the Jewish Holocaust,” a commentator observed.

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