Profile: Nuwamanya, a deadbeat that abandoned his family to the care of the Government of Rwanda

By Robert Rutoma

Nuwamanya a notorious agent of the anti-Rwanda RNC terrorist group.

Sulah Nuwamanya, a Kampala-based agent of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC first began attracting attention through his Facebook posts that targetted the Rwandan leadership with slander, mudslinging, and outright smears. That was after he was fired by an NGO where he worked in Kigali and decided to abandon his family and move to Uganda.

There, he would join the RNC terrorist outfit, team up with another RNC agent Prossy Boonabana in Kampala in their anti-Rwanda activities. Those that know Nuwamanya say he is a man completely devoid of morals – something that he again proved with reports that he was sleeping with Boonabana.

While in Uganda, a broke Nuwamanya had immediately styled himself as “a political dissident”, though no one in Rwanda, not the authorities and not any individuals, had any problems with the man. This was just a disgruntled fellow with countless personal problems that he brought upon himself, according to different sources we spoke to for this story.

Once in Kampala RNC had spotted and recruited Nuwamanya to join the anti-Rwanda bandwagon, with Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) footing his bills – just like it does for very many Uganda-based anti-Rwanda elements, in addition to countless websites, blog sites and social media accounts in a sustained propaganda campaign against Kigali.

In order to disguise their anti-Rwanda activities, Nuwamanya and Boonabana were advised to start an NGO under the deceptive name “Self Worth Initiative” (SWI).
On paper, the pseudo NGO among other things claimed it had a mission “to help widows”, and that it was for rural development and similar false claims. In reality, this was an RNC recruitment organization that went around the country targeting young Rwandans in Uganda to lure them into joining the RNC-Museveni government shared mission to destabilize Rwanda.

But who exactly is Sula Nuwamanya (who later added Rutaburingoga wa Kabirigi to his name, to con people)? Who is this self-styled Facebook political activist?

Nuwamanya may claim he is Rwandan, but some suspect his father just took advantage of the situation in Rwanda post 1994 “to fluke a Rwandan identity!” Knowledgeable people say his father came to Rwanda at the end of the Genocide against the Tutsi, in pursuit of war spoils, leaving his family behind in a place called Kalyamenvu, Kyazanga in Lwengo District not far from Masaka in Uganda.

On arrival in Rwanda, Nuwamanya’s father is reported to have settled in an abandoned house in Kigali and took in different women with whom he cohabited at different times, siring several children with them. But after several years he decided to go to Uganda, pick his family and bring them to Rwanda.

That is how Nuwamanya, his mother, and siblings came to Rwanda. But his father again found his way back to his homeland, Uganda, where he was reported to have been involved in a string of thefts, and ended up in custody. In jail Nuwamanya’s old man died.

But the young man in Rwanda was already enjoying the good things of Rwanda, a country that had welcomed him well. Taking advantage of the post war, post-Genocide, situation his father had registered his family as returning Rwandans, enabling them to benefit from government advantages that included settlement facilitation, food, and free school enrolment for children.

Rwanda really was taking good care of him, including giving him education.

He enrolled in the Rwanda International Academy in Kicukiro, a high school that took in mainly students who had lived in English speaking nations. Nuwamanya was later to join the University of Rwanda in Huye on government scholarship, to do a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Nuwamanya is often described as a completely unserious person even at school where he would be out in drinking joints most of the time. After school, again Rwanda proved to be a good place for this unserious fellow. One of the places he got employment was The New Times newspaper. By then he had gotten married.

At The New Times Nuwamanya proved as undisciplined as he had been at university. He got into several altercations with his editors due to his acute deficiency in work discipline, playing “office politics” all the time to create rifts between his bosses and the staff. Former colleagues at The New Times describe how Nuwamanya had gotten into the habit of inciting journalists against the editors and management.

When he became ungovernable, the Newspaper dismissed him.

It was then that Nuwamanya and a group of fellow Kigali-based Ugandan journalists, together with a few Rwandans decided to start a tabloid, bankrolled by Patrick Karegeya an RNC co-founder, and his subversive networks. The mission of the tabloid – The Weekly Post – was to propagate anti-government sentiments among Rwandans; or to create public discord. This newspaper hit the streets before it was registered and partly due to that fact, they sold from a car boot.

Nuwamanya likes to pretend that “he was persecuted in Kigali!” The incident when he and his colleagues started an illegal newspaper in Kigali, even selling it illegally, yet they were spared arrest for law breaking is just one example of the kind of lies he tells. Afterwards he landed a lucrative job with Action Aid in Kigali as a public relations officer.

But as they say, old habits die hard. After a short stint Nuwamanya was given the boot for incompetence and misconduct.

He was particularly infamous for soliciting bribes from media houses for them to get advertisements from the NGO. Graft like that landed him in trouble.
This is around the time that would draw his salary and do the missing act from his family and stay at a flashy rented apartment with girlfriends until he spent the last franc.

During his gallivanting sprees, he would seldom appear at his work place, which stretched the patience of his superiors who were already fed up with his incompetence.

While many people make the mistake of assuming that that Sulah Nuwamanya abandoned his family after he went to Uganda, the truth is that his wife and four children had gotten used to his absence long before he moved to Kampala.
While in Kampala, Nuwamanya took to Facebook, where he posted scathing attacks on the Rwanda government. That is when he was noticed by RNC recruiters and Museveni anti-Rwanda networks that are always on the lookout for disgruntled characters like Nuwamanya. It was a well-matched bunch.

Meanwhile, history is repeating itself, as Nuwamanya’s family is depending on the Government of Rwanda, like it did when his father brought them to Rwanda after 1994.

It is reported that after the extradition treaty signed at Gatuna/Katuna during the 4th Quadripartite Summit of the Heads of State of Uganda, Rwanda, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nuwamanya has been accorded protection by CMI, and moves around with Ugandan security escorts.