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Profile: Ndereyehe temporarily evades justice, but survivors are confident it won’t be forever 

By Mary Cyusa

Notorious Genocide Mastermind Charles Ndereyehe is wanted by the Rwandan justice over Genocide crimes.

It was all good news to Genocide survivors when fugitive Charles Ndereyehe Ntahontuye alias Karori was arrested by The Netherlands Government earlier this month on September 8. The good news, however, didn’t last as Ndereyehe was released hours later, for reasons unknown. “We thought that we would finally learn where our loved ones were thrown in ISAR, but we have hope that it is not over, because the arrest warrant is still valid,” a Genocide survivor who knows Ndereyehe told this website.

Ndereyehe has since April 20, 2010 been subject of an international arrest warrant issued by the Government of Rwanda. His arrest was temporarily suspended on the technicality that “he had been unfairly deprived of his Dutch citizenship.”

Living in Harderwijk in The Netherlands, Ndereyehe acquired Dutch citizenship through naturalization. Born in 1949, Ndereyehe is an agronomist by training. All his life he was known for his hatred of the Tutsi. “He started his Genocide agenda way before he got appointed as director of ISAR Rubona. When he was still in Gikongoro, Ndereyehe was one of the public servants in charge of the Interahamwe militia in that area. Even now, his mindset of hate remains the same,” a Diaspora source told us.

In 1992, Ndereyehe with other intellectual extremists: Nahimana Ferdinand, Dr Rwamucyo Eugène, Dr Nshimyumuremyi Jean Berchmas created a group, Cercles des Républicains Progressistes (CRP) that incited students in the former National University of Rwanda in Butare and Nyakinama to plan and execute the Genocide against Tutsi. He was the founding president of the group.

In the same year, Ndereyehe, who was a member of MRND party, quit in order to participate in the creation of another extremist group: the infamous Coalition pour la Défense de la République (CDR), alongside other extremists. One of them is Hassan Ngeze who was a journalist at Kangura, best known for publishing the “Hutu Ten commandments” that forbid every Hutu person to be involved with a Tutsi, even in marriage and business.

CDR supported and promoted the “commandments”. They also had a paramilitary faction called “Impuzamugambi” that always attacked other parties with bombs and grenades.

“That is the kind of man he is! The way MRND was violently treating Tutsi people was not enough for him and his colleagues. They wanted more, they wanted the Genocide as soon as possible,” a source that that knew Ndereyehe in those days says. Ndereyehe planned to kill every Tutsi staff, and had fired non-extremist Hutus at ISAR. He also planned to kill the people who lived around the area. Some militia had been trained on his command.

1994 came, and the Genocide he craved started. On Ndereyehe’s command, more than 300 people were killed on April 26, 1994. And in May, he heard of Jean Kambanda’s ‘auto-defense civile’, where arms were distributed to Hutu extremists, and got interested.

Ndereyehe then ordered a 20 percent salary reduction from each employee at ISAR to fund a scheme whereby whoever disarmed an RPF soldier and brought back their weapon would receive a reward of Frw 10,000. He had been rewarding the ‘best performers’ a cow. “Obviously the poor people that tried such a thing badly regretted!” laughs a survivor that knows of it.

“The RPF was giving ex-FAR and Interahamwe a bloody nose; how could village civilians try?”

Apparently Ndereyehe was only embezzling their funds but, as a senior genocide ideologue, he was very feared.

When the ex-FAR and the genocidal regime were routed, Ndereyehe fled to Zaire, to the North Kivu Province with multitudes of others. But in the refugee camps he and the others kept the genocide agenda alive.

In 1992, together with Ex-FAR soldiers that include Lt Col BEM Juvenal Bahufite, Col Joseph Murasampongo, Maj Aloys Ntabakuze and Gen Augustin Bizimungu, Ndereyehe created the ‘Rally for the Return of the Refugees and Democracy in Rwanda’ (RDR) in Mugunga, DR Congo.

The RDR was to replace the ‘Abatabazi’ government that executed the genocide, and was tasked with continuing its agenda. Ndereyehe was made its President. In 1992, together with Ex-FAR soldiers that include Lt. Col. “BEM” Habyarimana, Juvenal Bahufite, Col Joseph Murasampongo, Maj Aloys Ntabakuze and Gen Augustin Bizimungu, Ndereyehe created the “Rally for the Return of the Refugees and Democracy in Rwanda” (RDR) in Mugunga, DR Congo.

In 1998, RDR changed its name to ‘Republic Rally for Democracy in Rwanda’ and Victoire Ingabire was appointed its coordinator in The Netherlands. In the same year, Union des Forces Democratiques Rwandaises (Rwandan Democratic Forces Union (UFDR) was formed, where RDR was a member together with Faustin Twagiramungu’s FRD.

Even in the Netherlands they kept their extremist agenda alive. There, Ndereyehe became the deputy executive secretary of the union of democratic forces (UFDR), and after six years, the name was changed to FDU-Inkingi. In a case of like father like offspring, his daughters Solange and Gloria Ndereyehe are said to be taking the baton from him, according to our sources in The Netherlands.

“But Ndereyehe cannot evade justice forever. People know the crimes he committed; the world knows this man, and he must pay for all the lives lost at his command,” associations of genocide survivors assert.

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