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Profile: Jambo asbl’s Placide Kayumba, taking the genocide ideology baton

By Mary Cyusa

Placide Kayumba, a son of a notorious Genocidaire, is amongst the campaigners of Genocide Denialism affiliated with the Belgium-based Jambo asbl association.

A top member of the Belgium-based Jambo asbl association, Placide Kayumba is the son of a man that committed unspeakable crimes in Kabuye Hill, present day Gisagara District, as the Genocide against the Tutsi erupted.

Kayumba – who like all members of Jambo asbl which fronts itself as “a human rights and democracy activist group for Rwanda”, but which in fact is part of an ideology dedicated to denying, trivializing, or negating the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi – is the offspring of Dominique Ntawukuriryayo. The latter is a major genocide suspect that in 2010 was convicted on crimes of genocide and sentenced to a 25-year prison sentence.

Placide Kayumba’s membership in Jambo asbl (of which in fact he is a co-founder) hinges on the history of his father.

In 1994 Dominique Ntawukuriryayo was a sub-prefect in the former Butare prefecture (in charge of the communes of Ndora, Muyaga, Kibayi, Muganza and Nyaruhengeri where he oversaw the killings.

At the time, between 21 and 25 April 1994, more than 30,000 Tutsis had tried to flee to Burundi. But ex-FAR soldiers, and Interahamwe militias on the orders of Ntawukuriryayo stopped them each time. The refugees were then herded back, to the Gisagara Market where Ntawukuriryayo ordered for them to be taken to Kabuye hill, “with false promises that they would be protected by armed men,” according to eyewitness account. Instead Ntawukuriryayo was sending them to their deaths.

Around April 23, gendarmes and communal militias surrounded the hill and started shooting indiscriminately into the masse of helpless Tutsi refugees. By April 25, more than 30,000 – all who had a few days before being hindered from fleeing – had been killed.

Yet today Ntawukuriryayo’s son is one of the most dedicated genocide deniers as part of an organization that disseminates the most negationist messages and ideologies. On his Twitter account, Kayumba claims that his genocide convict father, a man that faced trial over several years, “is innocent!”

Right after his father’s arrest, in France, Kayumba co-founded ‘Jambo ASBL’, together with the offspring of other Genocidaires, and others that share the ideology like Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa, Natacha Abingeneye and others. One of their main missions is to try to sanitize their parents. They also claim that “they too are “genocide survivors” in what is a calculated move to add salt to injuries of the real victims of their parents.

For Kayumba, creating such a group was not a surprise to many that know him. When Kayumba was a child, he was called a “know it all” – a “najuwa” – by fellow kids.

Also, “he was taught to hate Tutsis at a very young age,” a source told this website, “and throughout his student days at Petit Seminaire Virgo Fidelis de Butare.”

Our source went on that Kayumba’s father must have been a very good teacher, because his son turned out to be a “very good hater!”

Some of Kayumba’s former classmates can never forget the time he threatened a fellow student that he would take him to Camp Ngoma, a military camp where they tortured people said to be in the opposition. The student had merely said that “the Inkotanyi looked smart.”

Apparently Kayumba “knew how to distinguish who a Hutu or Tutsi was”, just by sight. It was part of his hate routine. But it was said his own mother was a Tutsi.

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Even as just a teenager he already was notorious for supporting the violence committed against Tutsi in the early 90’s.

Little is known of how Kayumba went to Belgium, but his parents arrived in France in 2001, requesting the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons for accommodation.

In 2014, when Kayumba was president of Jambo ASBL, he travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo representing the organization, to meet officials of FDLR. “He wasn’t there to tell them to stop their terrorism against Rwanda, but to ask what could be done by Jambo to help in their terror activities,” according to different Diaspora sources. “He, and Jambo asbl were in DRC to boost anti-Rwanda terrorism!”

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Kayumba also has been a member of Victoire Ingabire FDU Inkingi group that has been working with terrorist armed groups that aim to destabilize Rwanda.

“These are the kinds of individual that stand in Belgium to claim they are fighting for democracy and human rights,” commented a social media account.

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