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Profile: How genocide survivor Kasinge contracted Stockholm Syndrome, turning revisionist

By Mary Cyusa

Misguided and self-turned revisionist Nadine Claire Kasinge carrying her then six months old in Nairobi in 2016.

Earlier this month, excommunicated priest and father to dozens of out-of-wedlock children Thomas Nahimana and his syndicate of fellow failed politicians dubbed “Ishema Party” announced that their candidate in the next presidential elections in Rwanda will be Nadine Claire Kasinge. This prompted gales of laughter on social media.

This is the woman who in 2016 had escorted Nahimana “to campaign for the presidency in Rwanda.” But when they reached Nairobi her enraged husband alerted the authorities that she had taken their then 6 months old baby without his consent. The officials in Nairobi couldn’t let them proceed. Nahimana and Kasinge had no option but to make an about turn.

Kasinge, this scandalous mother of two, was born in 1984 in Kacyiru, Kigali, to one Nzagirukwayo and Euphrase Mukandinda. The father worked at the then Electrogaz – the national power and water utility – and her mother was a teacher at Kacyiru Primary School. These people were killed, alongside Kasinge’s four siblings, during the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

But Kasinge’s story is unique. She has gone into the revisionist camp, spouting the wild lie that “RPF shot the plane that carried Habyarimana.” Psychologists call this phenomenon, of a victim sympathizing those that have wronged her, “Stockholm Syndrome.” Kasinge is full on Interahamwe supporter with all the signs of Stockholm’s Syndrome.

She has even gone as far as claiming that “RPF killed her family members”, a genocidaire narrative developed over the years in a bid to absolve themselves of their crimes. Kasinge’s revisionism is very problematic, but if she could perhaps find a counselor, to help her see that it is criminals like Nahimana that are the problem, it could be a good start.

“Unfortunately she is consorting with that very genocide apologists and ideologues,” said a former friend of Kasinge on request of anonymity.

Commentators on social media have kept asking her to make sense of her accusations against RPF, but she has never answered even one. “How could the RPA kill your family and spare you who was just near their headquarters in Byumba?” some have asked her. “You should just be very thankful that RPF in fact saved your life!”

Witnesses have repeatedly told Nadine Kasinge that her parents and siblings were murdered by troops of Habyarimana at a roadblock, as they were on their way trying to find refuge at Amahoro Stadium where they would be protected by the RPA, as were thousands of other Tutsi refugees. “Unfortunately, Nadine has swallowed the poison of genocidaires now, and won’t listen to truth,” said her friend.

On July 4, this year’s Liberation Day, Kasinge was singing praises to the ex-FAR, the very people that killed her parents. She repeated claims that they had saved her life. In fact they had taken her hostage, with them to DRC.

Kasinge, like so many Rwandans, was forcefully herded off to the former Zaire by the ex-FAR. But while there she was evacuated by Italian Jesuits in 1995 to Italy, Florence, where she stayed for a long time. Eventually she was sponsored to go for studies in Canada. While there she got married, in 2009, and still lives there.

Whoever paid this woman to change her story must have outdone themselves, however. Or its just a case of very strong Stockholm Syndrome for her to have gotten into cahoots with Nahimana.

Kasinge became very close to the excommunicated Nahimana when he formed his “party” in 2013. Given Nahimana’s reputation with women has resulted into dozens of illegitimate children; people say Kasinge’s relationship with him is more than just mere “friends.”

She was first elected “Deputy Secretary General and spokesperson” of Nahimana’s party, and that she was “in charge of Canada and Kigali city.” This prompts more laughter on social media. “Delusions will one day kill someone!”

Later on Nahimana appointed Kasinge “vice-prime Minister” in his so-called “government in exile”. She later became president of the party in 2018. One of her main roles, it seems, is attacking Rwandan female politicians, just for being in the RPF. She also is regularly on hate platforms like radios Itahuka and Ijwi rya Rubanda, disseminating negativity.

This poor, misguided woman needs more prayers, many social media accounts agree.

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