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Pardoned convict Ingabire talks falsely about regional instability; she is one of its main causes

By Joan Karera

Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza who for long has been one of the major factors of regional instability

In a recent interaction with Canadian journalist Robin Philpot, Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza was heard blaming Rwanda “for regional instability and other security issues in the region.”

Ingabire – who was in 2012 convicted by the High Court in Kigali and sent to prison on terrorism charges, endangering state security, and denying the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi – has been most known either for her participation, and leadership role in the founding of extremist groups committed to a genocidal agenda. These have included FDU-inkingi of which she was the head before she changed it to DALFA-Umurinzi.

“This leader of terrorist groups likes to blame Rwanda for ‘causing instability’, though she actually has been one of the biggest factors of instability in the region,” commented a social media account.

Speaking recently with Philpot, who has been described as one of a legion of genocide negationists, in an interview uploaded on SoundCloud, Ingabire made claims that “there is no democracy in Rwanda”, and that it is “the reason why people join rebel groups operating in different parts of the region with the aim of overthrowing Rwanda’s leadership.”

“But everyone knows that Ingabire has been one of the most active heads of terrorist groups that since the mid 90s when their forebears of FDLR and Interahamwe militias were defeated after perpetrating the genocide,” said an observer. “In fact she should be thankful that the rights of all are respected in Rwanda, but she is a very dangerous criminal!”

Ingabire Victoire benefited from a Presidential pardon in August 2018 that cut her sentence by a half following pleas from her in a number of letters to President Kagame.

According to more commentators that followed her interview with Philpot, Ingabire whose groups were part of those that for years wreaked terror in DRC, thrives on falsehoods and propaganda which is amplified by overseas-based individuals and groups, such as Philpot and others like him who for their reasons are invested in genocide revisionists of denialism.

To the people of Rwanda, however, many have observed Ingabire has zero legitimacy to make utterances about anything to do with leadership. “She should just be thankful that she isn’t still in prison!” said a resident of Kigali. “By trying to justify joining rebel groups she is just reminding everyone how she has been luring Rwandans to go to DRC to join rebel groups that she heads.”

Philpot, according to observers, has shown he has committed his life to revising the history of the Genocide Against the Tutsi. He is the author of a book, “Rwanda and the new scramble for Africa: From tragedy to useful imperial fiction”, that was strongly criticized by readers “for its gross distortions and revisionism.”

The book engages in the long debunked “double-genocide” theory, a favourite form of denialism that attempts to accuse the RPF of genocide.

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