Home Politics Outrage as excommunicated priest Nahimana peddles falsehoods on president health

Outrage as excommunicated priest Nahimana peddles falsehoods on president health

By Fred Gashema

Failed Catholic priest and Genocide denier, Thomas Nahimana has been peddling lies about Rwanda.

Former Catholic priest turned genocide negationist Thomas Nahimana on September 27, 2020 peddled a claim that was quickly exposed as a forgery and outright lie, that “Rwanda’s president had passed away.” But the claim was quickly endorsed by members of anti-Rwanda groups among them RNC and others.

Nahimana, known as a notorious revisionist of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, voiced his lies in an interview with Vox Africa-France Television, but his allegations were soon exposed as completely bogus when the president was seen chairing a cabinet meeting, to review Covid-19 preventive measures and made some appointments among other decisions. “This failed priest is obviously out of his mind!” said social media accounts, mocking Nahimana as they indicated a number of big events the president has been attending.

Nahimana was over the weekend a guest on a number of anti-Rwanda online radio platforms and YouTube Channels to try to peddle his allegation that the head of state “passed on in the last six months”. Commentators point out that Nahimana assertions are nothing other than the usual propaganda that always tries to portray a negative image of Rwanda, through outright fictions.

Nahimana, who hails from the former Cyangugu Prefecture, now Rusizi District in Western Province, fled the country in 2005 to France after stealing large sums of money meant to cover medical insurance for poorest children at Muyange Parish where he worked. After arriving in France Nahimana initiated a negativist group “Ishema” and the divisive website ‘Le Prophete’. Rwanda’s Catholic Church has since then disowned and excommunicated the priest over his negativist ideologies.

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