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Uganda Police press release on deportations is a cover-up for CMI abuse

By Jackson Mutabazi.

A press release by Uganda Police says that two foreign nationals, Olivier Prentout a citizen of France and Annie Tabura a Rwandan, have been deported from Kampala “over their engagements in ‘acts that compromise national security’”.

The press release says Prentout and Tabura were “working with a leading mobile telecom company”, and that they were using their employment “as tools to achieve ‘their ill motives’”.

Sarah Kagingo’s Soft Power that is one of the propaganda arms of CMI that conducted the arrest immediately tweeted, “Uganda’s security deport 2 senior MTN staff including a Rwandan for compromising national security.”

The initial question any reasonable person asks himself is why the need to emphasize that the arrested person is Rwandan if indeed her being Rwandan wasn’t the reason for her arrest in the first place. Secondly, as journalist Sarah Kagingo should know that these two individuals remain suspects at best and she should say that they are allegedly being charged and place the suspected crime also in quotation marks such as “compromising national security.” But this is not expected of her since her job is to try to normalize CMI’s continued harassment of Rwandans in Uganda.

But Sarah can be forgiven; she is a paid tool of CMI’s abuse. What’s unforgivable is that the Uganda police does the same thing as Sarah. She treats the two as convicted criminals in its press. Yet, it doesn’t refer to any court process that was initiated through which such pronouncement would be warranted. This is beyond being unprofessional. But it speaks volumes in regards to the use of security organs to abuse ordinary people and then to put its reputation on the line by facilitating a cover-up.

Simple logic shows that these were victims of harassment. They were arrested by CMI last Saturday, January 19 and been deported on Monday, January 21. Did police carryout investigations on an allegation as serious as “compromising national security” in two days? Why deportation and not prosecution for such a serious crime?

One would then ask: why did CMI not ask Annie once about her alleged illegal activities upon arrest? Also, why has no one notified Rwanda of alleged illegal activities by her nationals, all the duration since Uganda started its policy of arresting Rwandans for no reason and mistreating them? The answer can be found in the fact of President Museveni has unleashed his anger against Rwandan nationals, specifically those that do not hate their government back home.
So is the same with Annie Tabura.

It is obvious to anyone with a brain that the innocent people were arrested and deported out of sheer harassment.

We were only allowed the police press release, which accuses, tries, judges, and sentences (through deportation) the two individuals who had no chance whatsoever to speak for themselves.

Information this website has is that Annie Tabura was an employee of MTN Uganda. The company is a multinational that employees different nationals from all over the world, and stations them however it sees fit.

At MTN Uganda, Olivier Prentout has been the chief marketing officer and Annie has been the sales manager.

Which raises the question: what do people in sales departments do whereby they would be in a position “to spy”? Neither of the two people is a technician, or someone expert in manipulating equipment. One also has to ask oneself regarding Prentout: why would a national of France be spying on Uganda?

Finally, in its press release the Uganda Police commends the Directorate of Immigration for “strengthening screening procedures at all border points…that has enabled us to disrupt their intended plans of compromising our national security.” However, when the same Directorate of Immigration intercepted recruits of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) who were being facilitated by CMI to cross the border on their way to the RNC recruitment center in South Kivu, the 46 suspects who actually confessed to the crime were released. Actual criminals are not deported to Rwanda but innocent people going about their lives are harassed without end.

Most notably, Ugandans of all stripes continue to enjoy their security in Rwanda, regardless what has happened to so many Rwandans in Uganda

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