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Once Uganda started the media smear campaign, they should have known the extent it will cover

For almost a decade, David Himbara has made a living abusing President Paul Kagame and the Rwandan leadership. He is paid to do this by Tribert Rujugiro, General Salim Saleh’s business partner. President Yoweri Museveni is also known for praising Himbara and once told him, “I enjoy your writing.” In that writing that President Museveni enjoys Himbara never fails to abuse President Kagame and his family with all kinds of innuendo. Kayumba Nyamwasa also has a Facebook account RPF-Gakwerere that acts as a platform for abusing and referring to Rwandans in derogatory language, “enslaved Rwandans,” is how he begins his abusive tirades. Last week someone gave these abusers a taste of their own medicine, and they are all in arms protesting very bitterly.

They claim it is President Kagame who sent him, which just shows how much they don’t know him. While they may think abusing people is worthwhile, that has never been President Kagame’s style. Those who really know him are aware he is not the type of leader who would get involved in such low-level exchanges with these kinds of people, or anybody else for that matter.

On the other hand, people like Himbara, Rudasingwa, Sarah Kangingo, Kayumba Nyamwasa, and others operating or writing for blogs and other smear platforms linked to Ugandan intelligence or President Museveni’s extensive media propaganda machine wouldn’t know integrity if it hit them in the face.

President Kagame knows how to fight his wars. When he decides to fight, he doesn’t use abuse as a weapon.

President Kagame is also not the kind who will send others to fight on his behalf. He has already told them they are free to do whatever they want on their soil and even continue to abuse him through their blogs or insults they channel through RNC and CMI blogs that work with Himbara and Kayumba. He has instead laid down a line they must not cross because that is only then he will respond. So, don’t expect him to engage in abuse with anyone; he is happy to leave that to people of low character.

However, not all will choose to take that high road. Rwandans who have been harassed and tortured in Uganda and dumped at the border are understandably angry and eager to get involved in such abusive exchanges of the kind found in CMI blogs and associated media outlets.

They are justifiably furious towards those they hold responsible for the inhuman things they were subjected to.

Many were forced to abandon their businesses and properties in Uganda and now must start from scratch after all the effort they had put in getting themselves off the ground. For the people who have been tortured in Uganda these blogs only add salt to injury, especially because most of them, in addition to incessantly abusing President Kagame, want to pretend there is no torture going on in Uganda. Imagine someone saying that you are only imagining the horror inflicted on you? How would you feel? Wouldn’t you get even angrier and do whatever is within your means to respond?

It is ironical that when blogs like CommandPost, Sarah Kagingo’s Soft Power and her many other anonymous accounts, ChimpReports, spyreports, kampalapost, watchdoguganda, eyalama, trumpetnews, and tens more that keep abusing Rwanda’s leadership day in and day out.

In addition to the victims of Uganda’s harassment, do Museveni’s proxies like Kayumba Nyamwasa who abuse ordinary Rwandans and expect that people won’t fight back?

This media war was started by Uganda-linked media organs abusing President Kagame and Rwanda’s first family. Ugandan authorities also started using Himbara and Kayumba in this campaign through their blogs. They should have understood that once such games began you couldn’t know how far they will go, or who might join in with what weaponry.

Rwandans are a very patriotic people; they do not take kindly to those abusing their leadership, their country or fellow Rwandans. Ugandan officials should never have expected that Rwandans, especially those who have been at the receiving end of Ugandan torture, harassment, and dispossession would take Uganda abuse of Rwanda’s leadership lying down. The more abuse there is of Rwanda and Rwandans from Uganda, the more pushback can be expected from Rwandans. The ball is firmly in Uganda’s court to refrain from their incessant insults of Rwanda, or instrumentalising their RNC proxies to do the same. They should also stop harassing innocent Rwandans in Uganda as this will only earn Uganda and its leaders the ill-will of ordinary Rwandans who will not hesitate to make their anger public.


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