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Observers cast more concerns about what “professor of hate” Kambanda teaches in the US

By Fred Gashema

Charles Kambanda, a genocide apologist that’s a lecturer in a US university. Many wonder what poisons he sows in innocent young students

Informed commentators have been questioning the lectures of Charles Kambanda, a well-known genocide apologist who currently is a professor of law at the New York-based Saint John’s University. Kambanda persistently denies the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and his numerous posts on Facebook have been revealed to be of a nature to incite acts of terrorism in Rwanda.

Kambanda, who left Rwanda in 2009 for the U.S. after learning that law enforcers were investigating him over genocide ideology, is infamously known for concealing himself behind the mask of academia to misrepresent, and deliberately manipulate history to feed a revisionist narrative of the Genocide on social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Twitter.

For instance, when Rwanda was marking the Twentieth Commemoration of the Genocide in 2014, Kambanda uttered words that amounted to rubbing salt in the wounds of genocide survivors. This was during an interview with a renowned genocide negationist Ann Garrison, when Kambanda implied that the massacres of the Tutsi “were not genocide but rather a military tactic!”

He then added that, “the Hutus were eliminating the Tutsi because they didn’t want the Tutsi to support their fellow Tutsis who were fighting the Government!”

What kind of poison then is this man feeding his students in America on a daily basis? Kigali-based social media commentators ask.

Kambanda who has gained the sobriquet, “professor of hate” is also known for consistent attempts at inciting peaceful Rwandans to insurrection against their elected leadership.

Last week Kambanda took to Twitter and wrote that Rwandans from across the country should “take up arms to overthrow Rwanda’s authorities.” Kambada is well known as a member of the RNC terrorist group who is also very adept at disseminating the ideology of genocide.

“It is incredible that such a person should be allowed in an academic milieu, to poison the minds of innocent, young, students,” a Rwandan on Facebook wrote, adding, “Kambanda has to really come under scrutiny by his employer.”

Saint John’s University that Kambanda works for says on its website that it never tolerates “discrimination on the basis of ethnicity.” Observers point out that this should lead the university to act accordingly and “closely examine its relationship with this noted apologist, negationist, and denier of the genocide,” renowned genocide scholar Tom Ndahiro said.

In a similar case in 2016, Oberlin College, also from the US, dismissed one Professor Joy Karega, the then assistant professor of rhetoric and composition, following her inappropriate opinions on Facebook. These include assertions that ISIS is an arm of Israel and U.S intelligence agencies. Her statements were considered “anti-Semitic and anti-Israel”.

Kiwanuka Lawrence Nsereko, an analyst and blogger, has joined those that petition the dismissal of Kambanda from academic duties. In an article Kiwanuka published in the blacknews.com on 01 August this year he questioned the reason deliberate misrepresentations and manipulation of evidence of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi by Kambanda, are not scrutinized and lawfully challenged.

The analyst further urged that, “A simple investigation of his (Kambanda) academic credentials will unearth for any interested party a checkered past and may even result in the unveiling of his complicit involvement.”

Kiwanuka writes: “Prof. Kambanda is a genocide ideologue hiding behind academic freedom to distill his hateful ideology. He defends his fellow genocidaires as he blames the victims, and that is unacceptable and should be disqualifying.” 

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