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Nyirigira’s beef with Nyamwasa as unraveling of RNC gathers steam

By Moses Gisa

Cracks in RNC continue to open up. Now RNC head Nyamwasa (left) is accused of “betrayal” by “Pastor” Nyirigira, (right).

News reaching Virunga Post indicates that the unraveling of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC has reached another gear with Pastor Deo Nyirigira – “chairman” of “RNC Uganda province” – is reportedly ready to call it quits. Nyirigira, who for the past several years has been one of the most dedicated servants of the terrorist RNC from neighboring Uganda, now is accusing the South Africa-based Nyamwasa of “betrayal” among other things.

The Mbarara-based Nyirigira, according to reliable sources, is pinning Nyamwasa, and accusing him of “having lured his daughter Jackie Umuhoza into RNC activities”, apparently “without informing him,” Deo Nyirigira is saying that before joining RNC, he had agreed with Nyamwasa that, “his daughters stay out of RNC activities.”

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However, Jackie Umuhoza ended up involved in RNC activities for which Rwanda Investigations Bureau took her into custody in November last year. “Jackie Umuhoza was arrested on charges of treason and espionage; she is detained as further investigations continue,” RIB communicated through it’s official Twitter account.

According to a Mbarara-based member of the Rwandan community that talked anonymously to Virunga Post, these days “there is no love lost between Pastor Deo Nyirigira and Kayumba Nyamwasa.” The cause of the feud between two, “once best allies”, is the accusation that Nyamwasa secretly contacted Nyirigira’s daughter to involve her in acts that others “were committing from abroad.”

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Members of Rwandan communities in Uganda, however, are secretly jubilating that finally “Nyirigira is feeling the anguish he caused so many other people.”

“Lucky for Nyirigira that Rwandan law enforcement agencies are professional and treat suspects professionally; so Nyirigira’s daughter is safe and well,” our source said. “But imagine all those Rwandans that Nyirigira betrayed to agents of Abel Kandiho’s CMI – to kidnap and torture them just because they came from Rwanda.

“Now he is crying that Nyamwasa lured his daughter? He should just shut up!” added our source who talked strictly on condition of anonymity.

More sources confirm Nyirigira no longer is on the same wavelength as Nyamwasa. This website understands that Nyamwasa in turn is accusing Nyirigira of “insubordination and stealing the group’s funds.” Nyirigira, who is charged with overseeing RNC activities in Uganda, is said to have collected the group membership fees but refused to transfer the money to South Africa where Nyamwasa’s faction is headquartered, accusing the latter of diverting funds to his private businesses.

“RNC is on its last legs,” commenters on online discussion boards are saying. “RNC Members are engaged in cloak-and-dagger games, betraying one another all the time, and this has been part and parcel of the ongoing splits in the group. RNC slowly is being reduced to membership made of Nyamwasa, his wife, his brother in law Frank Ntwari, his cousin Rugema Kayumba, and a few other individuals, though Nyamwasa retains the support of Uganda,” a security analyst commented.

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The unraveling of RNC began with steady accusations against Nyamwasa of corruption, nepotism, and eliminating rivals to expand his influence in the group. One of the rivals, the disappeared Ben Rutabana – former RNC “commissioner of capacity building” – questioned Nyamwasa’s misappropriation of member funds and investing them into his family’s personal businesses in southern Africa.

When Rutabana was kidnapped in Uganda in September last year while in the company of a group of RNC members together with CMI operatives, Rutabana’s family accused Nyamwasa of the deed, and pointed out it was with complicity of Ugandan security agencies. Ironically, reports show Deo Nyirigira was among the people last seen with Rutabana, before his abduction.

“But now he is crying because of his daughter; let Nyirigira first tell the world where Rutabana is,” laughed our Mbarara source.

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