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Nyirigira diverts RNC funds, leaving Nyamwasa sputtering in rage as battle for control of RNC hots up

By Moses Gisa

A tooth and nail fight for revenge, money and supporters in RNC is pitting the likes of “Pastor” Deo Nyirigira (right), former “Chairman, RNC Uganda Province”, against the group’s head Kayumba Nyamwasa.

The fight between fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa and his former right-hand man Jean Paul Turayishimye has intensified with the latter recruiting members formerly allied with Nyamwasa to join his armchair terrorist group Rwanda Alliance for Change (RAC), recently formed in Ottawa, Canada.

This website has independently learnt that “Pastor” Deo Nyirigira – until recently “chairman RNC Uganda Province” – has finally decamped from Nyamwasa’s RNC faction to join Turayishimye. According to sources, Nyirigira has defected with a big number of RNC members.

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“Nyirigira has been having a major say in RNC as its coordinator of the so-called “RNC Uganda Province’, and he can use his influence to convince members on whom they should pledge their loyalty and allegiance to.

“Turayishimye now communicates directly to Nyirigira behind Nyamwasa’s back,” according to those in the know.

“Recently the duo agreed on the new recruitment and mobilization strategy for RAC membership; a strategy which already is being rolled out in various refugee camps and in Kinyarwanda-speaking communities in Uganda,” a source in Uganda’s Mbarara District told Virunga Post.

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Nyirigira has badly fallen out with the South Africa-based Nyamwasa whom he blames, among other things, of “inducing his daughter Jackie Umuhoza to join RNC activities, though Nyirigira (as he claims) had agreed with Nyamwasa that his daughter was ‘to be kept out of such activities’.” The woman last year was arrested in Kigali on suspicion of acts of treason and terrorism.

Though Nyirigira can thank God that his daughter is safe and alright because the rule of law prevails in Rwanda, he is very bitter with Nyamwasa.

Other defected members of RNC like Turayishimye are bitter with Nyamwasa among other things blaming him for the disappearance in Uganda last year of former “commissioner for capacity development Ben Rutabana.

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Now Nyirigira is encouraging RNC members to join Turayishimye’s RAC.

According to an inside source within Nyirigira’s camp, former RNC members are being persuaded to cross to Turayishimye’s side with promises of improving their livelihoods. “The recruitment has, eventually, been easy given the disappearance of Rutabana, which Nyirigira and the others are exploiting, saying that ‘Nyamwasa killed Rutabana’ and he’s ready to kill other members who dare oppose his reign,” our source in Mbarara said.

In a meeting held on July 10, 2020, which was convened by Nyirigira, new members of RAC were instructed to collect RNC monthly membership contributions in the name of “RNC Uganda Province.”

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Reports are that Nyirigira dispatched his lieutenants led Suleiman Muntari and Abel Gatete alias Asiimwe into RNC strongholds across Uganda to collect money from members. Muntari and Asiimwe were seen moving door to door in Kakola and Masindi Districts, collecting money from former RNC members that have ditched Nyamwasa in big numbers.

But even as the defections are taking place, CMI has shown it is firmly on Nyamwasa’s side, swinging into action to abduct several members of the newly-minted members of the Turayishimye faction. “CMI agents have been abducting and thoroughly torturing any they can find that has defected to Turayishimye and Nyirigira’s side,” highly reliable sources disclose.

“CMI is very much on Nyamwasa’s side; it works with Nyamwasa’s agents, and assiss tthem in their recruitment and mobilization activities all over Uganda. “This is going to be a tooth and nail fight!” our source concluded.

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