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Nyamwasa claims to sack Turayishimiye, even as he loses control over RNC

By Moses Gisa

Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa, RNC leader (right), and his former head of intelligence and spokesperson Jeap Paul Turayishimye.

A recent claim by Kayumba Nyamwasa that he has fired his longtime right-hand man Jean Paul Turayishimiye from RNC has only served to highlight lack of control over his own terror group, observers say. The “firing” was communicated in a letter dated June 18, 2020, signed by Edouard Kabagema, the group’s in charge of discipline, Gervais Condo, RNC Secretary-General, Etienne Mutabazi, and Richard Niwenshuti, heads of RNC-America Province.

Nyamwasa claimed to sack Turayishimiye “to show his opponents that he still has influence and power over RNC”, but instead his move has managed “to sow further doubts over Nyamwasa’s control,” according to our sources. They point to the fact that Turayishimye quit RNC long before Nyamwasa’s supposed firing. In a letter dated October 24, 2019, Turayishimiye said he had resigned from his position as head of intelligence, and as the group’s spokesperson.

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From that time he has been working on establishing some other group known as “Iteme”. RNC has been roiled by internal wrangles ever since members of the terrorist group started pinning Nyamwasa for the disappearance of Ben Rutabana. Those that follow closely the dynamics within the group see the latest developments as part of a pattern of decline. “What has been happening in RNC is the outcome of impunity, greed, thirst for power, corruption, nepotism, as well as tribalism in the group’s top leaders,” analysts say.

Turayishimiye, when he announced his resignation, cited among other things “RNC’s failure to produce Rutabana,” the former commissioner for capacity building and took Nyamwasa to task for the disappearance. Nyamwasa then dismissed Turayishimiye’s claims while “trying to shape a counter-narrative about Rutabana, that convinced no one.”

Turayishimiye went to various talk shows exposing Nyamwasa, which resulted in more defections from Nyamwasa, according to developments in the group. The wrangles between the two escalated as more RNC senior members asked Nyamwasa to set up an investigative committee on the disappearance of Rutabana. The committee was to come up with answers; however, it (the committee) just vanished into thin air without presenting any findings,” laughed our source.

Turayishimiye then teamed up with other members, Leah Karegeya a “senior adviser”, Tabitha Gwiza and Simeon Ndwaniye, Rutabana’s sister and cousin respectively. They mounted pressure on Nyamwasa to produce Rutabana “dead or alive, or resign from his position!”

Gwiza and Ndwaniye were both members of the “RNC Canada Province” committee, who had been voicing disagreements with Nyamwasa “over his greed, and his corrupt rule.” They accused him of embezzling RNC resources to invest into personal business ventures, such as transportation in Mozambique and supermarkets in South Africa.

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They too, like Turayishimiye, accused Nyamwasa of favoritism, corruption and nepotism. Turayishimiye and Leah Karegeya resigned on December 30, 2019. Before then, Gwiza and Ndwaniye too had quit, on December 8, 2019 while Benoit Muhoza, the former leader of “RNC France Province” too was out. All these in addition to Turayishimye are some of the RNC “big fish” to have so far quit the group.

This website has exclusively learnt of an ongoing plan to form a new faction within RNC, with a primary objective of ousting Nyamwasa’s camp.

“RNC will soon remain only with Nyamwasa, his brother in law Frank Ntwari, his unstable cousin Rugema Kayumba, and maybe his wife and children,” another former member of the terror group wrote on social media.

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