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“Nyamwasa, and his brother in law Ntwari, they are all killers!” cries Adeline Rwigara in eulogy to her brother Rutabana who disappeared in Uganda

By Fred Gashema

CMI head Kandiho, left, and Kayumba Nyamwasa, center, are pinned for the murder of Benjamin Rutabana, right.

The family of Ben Rutabana, the former RNC commissioner of mobilization who went missing in Uganda two years ago, has come out to say that Rutabana was indeed “killed” under a plot involving RNC head Kayumba Nyamwasa, and his brother-in-law Frank Ntwali, as a result of feuds that ravaged the anti-Rwanda terrorist group.

The family, especially his sister Adeline Rwigara, let the cat out of the bag last Sunday, November 7, 2021, during a night vigil held virtually on the zoom application and streamed live on “Radio Iteme” a YouTube based channel owned by one of their own Jean Paul Turayishimiye. They were paying tribute to Rutabana whom they openly believe “is currently in heaven”, with the mood being more of people mourning someone that lost his life, with not a single hope that the man is still alive.

Adeline Rwigara in a crying voice said that Rutabana whom she considers “her child” used to tell her that Ntwali was on his neck and that the latter was particularly conniving with Nyamwasa to finish him off.

“Before Ben flew to Uganda he would mostly ask me to pray for him as he knew he would die any time, and I would ask, but why, why talk of dying?” Rwigara said almost sobbing, adding: “Ben said, ‘Frank Ntwali will kill me one day!’ I was unaware of that name initially but he (Rutabana) would keep saying that that name, asking me to remember it.”

Adeline Rwigara went on to disclose that she heard from Rutabana that Ntwali was “jealous” of him, and that all efforts to resolve the problem with the intervention of Kayumba Nyamwasa were futile since they (Kayumba and Ntwali) were all together in the plot to kill Rutabana. “They are all killers!” Adeline cried.

“I never knew that they (Ntwali and Kayumba) would hurt us this way; Ben went missing, and we just saw how they reacted, they are just killers!” she repeated in tears. “I urge the traitors especially you Kayumba Nyamwasa and your brother-in-law to bring back Ben from where you put him the same way you took him there,” she sobbed.

Tabitha Gwiza, another sister of Rutabana who was a co-host of the online night vigil, echoed several times Rwigara’s sentiments, stressing, “it is now an open secret that Rutabana was betrayed by Kayumba Nyamwasa.”

Ben Rutabana went missing in Uganda on 8 September 2019. After he had been missing for over a month it was his family that raised the alarm. In a letter signed 02 October 2019 they indeed took the RNC leadership – and by implication RNC’s partner, the Ugandan regime – to produce Rutabana in an open letter that they published online. Nyamwasa, and Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, CMI, headed by Abel Kandiho, just ignored the letter.

On the other hand, an investigation conducted by an American NGO, Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI), late June last year revealed that the vanished RNC high-ranking official Rutabana was in detention in CMI Mbuya dungeons.

Observers are certain that CMI, in connivance with Nyamwasa who is holed up in South Africa, eventually tortured Rutabana to death – to settle scores with him.

Greg Smith Heavens, the president of IRHRI, had been telling journalists that, “the people that were handling Rutabana were very powerful, to the extent that they threatened my organization.”

Rutabana was known for challenging the corruption of Nyamwasa in running their RNC terror organization, especially questioning Nyamwasa’s usage of funds, his nepotism in entrusting most important tasks to Ntwari, and other practices. “They had to finish Rutabana because he had become a real thorn for their cabal,” said a source familiar with the workings of the group. 



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