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Now CMI misinformation tries to spin Joan Kagezi’s assassination upon Rwanda

By Jean Gatera

The late Joan Kagezi; responsibility for her death is squarely on the Ugandan regime

Through Bob Atwine’s Commandonepost, one of its outlets of misinformation, Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) once again tries to deflect upon Rwanda a crime committed by the Ugandan regime. This is not unusual in the propaganda wars of the Kampala regime against Rwanda, which not surprisingly CMI is in charge of. In their latest attempt at mudslinging Rwanda, they create an imaginary “Rwandan assassin” whom they give the name “Amazon” and claim it is this “person” that assassinated the late Senior Principal State Attorney Joan Kagezi.

This fictitious man, “Amazon”, according to Commandonepost, regularly hops across the border into DRC after “assassinating Ugandans”, then goes to Kigali via the Congolese route. After some months, according to this tall tale, this fictitious assassin then crosses back to Uganda, to finish off yet another person. The problem for Commandonepost with this tale however is that not even the most dimwitted person will fall for it. Ugandans know very well who is killing them. They for instance know very well who sent assassins in 2018 to Arua to finish off Bobi Wine, only to kill his hapless driver Yassin Kawuma. They know this individual’s stories in the wake of the Kagezi killing, and those old enough know the pattern since the day former energy minister Andrew Kayiira died in 1987.    

Initially Uganda Police stated that the Kagezi assassins were from a terrorist Islamic militia known as ADF. Then in 2018, Chimpreports, a similar outlet to Commandonepost and which too is controlled by CMI even quoted Museveni blaming ADF for the various assassinations in Uganda. Museveni was quoted saying: “investigations will be carried out and the criminals will be brought to book.” Security forces arrested seven individuals whom they said were suspects. As it turned out, none of them was convicted for any crime.

Supposed investigations in the Kagezi assassination in 2015, just like all other investigations in killings of prominent Ugandans, hit a dead end. Usually there is a lot of vowing from State House such as: “all resources will be utilized to resolve this killing! The killers will be brought to justice!” After a week or so, things go quiet, and the incident is soon forgotten. But occasionally, to suit the Regime’s propaganda needs, the public will hear that “the investigation is ongoing!” Or claims such as Commandonepost, that “an assassin paid by Rwanda killed Kagezi.”   

The gruesome murder of Kagezi however bore all the hallmarks of a state-sanctioned assassination: gunmen on motorbikes that strike even in broad daylight, and get away unimpeded. Later on what follows is hasty arrests of “suspects” that are taken away by CMI, to its dungeons. These people will be beaten and tortured in different ways, to make them “confess”. It invariably turns out that they know nothing. They are eventually released, but of course the initial purpose will have been served – which is Ugandan authorities pretense that “they are investigating the crime.”

The killing of Uganda Police Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi in 2017 followed the pattern of motorbike-mounted killers who confidently gun down high-profile Ugandans then calmly ride away. There was a big outcry after the killing. Museveni went public to insinuate that “a neighboring country” was involved. The public in Uganda has been conditioned to know that when the Ugandan president says “a neighboring country” he means Rwanda.

Suspiciously however, state operatives supposedly investigating the Kaweesi assassination even removed footage from CCTV cameras in a supermarket in the Kulambiro neighborhood, not far from Kaweesi’s residence. They never explained what happened to that footage. Observers are certain the cameras captured the appearance of the killers.

In 2018, yet another senior police officer was killed in a similar fashion. DPC Muhammad Kirumira who openly dared to fight police corruption was also assassinated. Kirumira’s killing, once again, followed the established mode of employing bike-riding assassins, promises by the ruler of “investigations”, claims about “a neighboring country”, and that was that. Ugandans mourned Kirumira, like they had mourned so many other dear departed countrymen that had ever dared stand up to Museveni, going all the way back to Andrew Kayiira in 1987.

Following Kirumira’s death, the Ugandan president, who “rushed” three hours after the killing surprisingly took with him two witnesses for their “safety”. No one ever heard of what happened to those two witnesses.

Many analysts have for a long time wondered about all these high-profile assassinations and the fact that despite the state having all investigative bodies, and all the tools at its disposal not one murder is ever resolved. Not one person is ever convicted. “The answer is that the killings are done at the orders of Museveni, no one else,” commented a Kampala based long-time newspaper reporter who preferred not to be named.

He says however much the Ugandan president tries to blame “a neighboring country”, or however the methods of CMI-funded websites to create none existent Rwandan assassins, “Ugandans know who is killing them. It is their own regime.”

The claims Commandonepost insinuating that Rwanda killed Kagezi will cause many to ask: is Rwanda also responsible for killing Kayiira? Is Rwanda responsible for the fact ever since 1987 politically motivated killings have rocked Uganda such as those of senior Muslim clerics, senior army officers like the late Brig. Nobel Mayombo, Gen. Aronda, Gen. Kazini, MP Ibrahim Abiriga, and so many others?

“Of course Kagezi too was assassinated by the same forces killing all these other Ugandans, but scapegoating Rwanda is never below the surface,” our source added. 

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