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Museveni’s support for Rwanda dissidents continues as FDLR captives spill details of Kampala meeting

By James Wakabi

Last week this website reported on a meeting in Kampala between Ugandan senior security officials and high-level RNC and FDLR representatives in Kampala at President Museveni’s invitation. The meeting, which took place at the Kampala Serena between December 14 and 15, was coordinated by Philemon Mateke, Uganda’s state minister for regional affairs.

The elderly gentleman had a special message from President Museveni for the two terrorist outfits. On December 15, the FDLR delegation led by its spokesperson and deputy chief of intelligence, Ignace Nkaka (aka LaForge Bazeye Fils), was arrested by DR Congo authorities at the Uganda-Congo border post of Bunagana. They transported him first to Goma, then on to Kinshasa for questioning.

Ugandan authorities expected the apprehended official would “sing” under interrogation. Their fears would turn out to be right.

We can reveal that on President Museveni’s instructions, Hon. Mateke contacted the FDLR commander Gen. Pacifique Ntawunguka alias “Omega” informing him of the need to deepen working modalities between the FDLR and the RNC and asked him to send a delegation of senior officers to Kampala to engage with the RNC delegation on this matter.

Colonel Nkaka’s team included Lt Col Nsekenabo Jean Pierre alias Abega Kamala (FDLR intelligence officer).

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According to information from impeccable sources, upon arrival in Uganda on 14 December they were received by the FDLR liaison officer, Lt Col Nkuriyingoma Pierre Celestin. The latter took them to Hotel Mubano in Kisoro, which is owned by none other than Philemon Mateke.

The officers then travelled overnight to Kampala arriving there the next morning. After they had refreshed themselves at the home of their liaison officer in Nakulabye, Mateke picked them up and took them for breakfast at his wife’s restaurant in Lugogo, before proceeding with them to his offices at Sir Apollo Kagwa Road.

There, the old man briefed them in preparation for their meeting with the RNC representatives.

Our sources reveal that the captured FDLR officers told interrogators that Mateke then proceeded with them to the Kampala Serena, where they found the RNC delegation led by Frank Ntwari – Kayumba Nyamwasa’s brother in law and the RNC’s so-called commissioner for refugees and human rights.

The questioning of these FDLR officers has also corroborated information this website previously reported that the meeting between the two groups was chaired by Mateke.

They however disclosed key details regarding President Museveni’s “special message”, which Mateke had delivered to the group.

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This underscored their shared general interest. The special message also included Museveni’s emphasis that the two anti-Rwanda government groups needed to continue to work together, especially in maintaining the perception that they are a force that includes both Hutus and Tutsis.

The objective, continued Museveni’s message, would be to gain support needed to popularize the rebellion in the international media and to bring attention to their shared cause.

“Museveni is prepared to take the risk provided that they furnish him diplomatic cover that suggests that this is a broad-based rebel outfit with legitimate grievances,” according to an analyst familiar with politics of the region who happens to be aware of these goings-on.

Mateke sought to bring his credentials to the table by reassuring the FDLR delegation that his support for their cause goes far back to the time of Habyarimana with whom they had worked closely, particularly in efforts geared at discrediting the RPF struggle in the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

Most importantly, Museveni’s commitment for a “lasting solution” to their shared problem seemed to delight the representatives of the two outfits, who reassured the “messenger” that they were ready to close ranks in line with his guidance.

As this website has reported, it is common practice for RNC senior officials to travel to Kampala where they are accorded protocol and armed security that at times is beyond what under normal circumstances is accorded even special visitors of the state.

Indeed, their meetings with senior officials in security circles (particularly CMI and ISO) confirms that in the goals of FDLR and RNC, Museveni sees a shared interest worthy of serious investment.

However, the delight that resulted from Museveni’s December 14-15 Kampala meeting turned out to be rather short-lived for the FDLR men that DRC authorities nabbed as they crossed over from Uganda.

Soon after, they were ready to spill the beans by the time they arrived in Kinshasa, via Goma, which is one of Museveni’s worst nightmares.

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