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Museveni security agencies kill Rwandan refugee; falsely blame Rwanda

By Ronald Mbabazi

Chimpreports one of President Museveni’s propaganda outlets is at it again, tarnishing Rwanda by implying that the latter is responsible for the death of a Rwandan refugee.

In a report posted on New Year’s Day entitled, “Museveni orders investigation into Rwandan refugee’s killing at Nakivale”, Chimpreports says Museveni, “has called for more scrutiny of the killing of the refugee this past Boxing Day.

The article further reports that, “authorities say Laurent Bucumi, the 65 year old refugee was shot dead at his home in Rushasha sub-county by unknown gunmen who disappeared under cover of darkness.”

That is all that they are able to disclose about the man’s death. “Unknown gunmen that killed him in cover of darkness,” the article says, and divulges no further information – whether there is any investigation, and if so how far it has gone.

Chimpreports in the next paragraphs reminds its readers of accusations the Museveni regime has leveled against Rwanda in the past. “The Rwandan government has previously been accused of masterminding the abduction and killing of its perceived dissidents,” the article says.

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This statement, according to analysis, is an insinuation further intended to raise suspicion in the reader’s mind that Rwanda indeed has been killing people.

However any research will indicate all those accusations were based on nothing at all. A painstaking Google search of all past articles whereby the Museveni regime has leveled accusations of murder against Rwanda will reveal it hasn’t proved a single incident.

News searches reveal that even the high-profile case of Kayihura – which elements like Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) under its chief Abel Kandiho – desperately tried to link Rwanda with (including forging evidence), was dismissed by court for lack of credible evidence.

“It is a sign of how thoroughly corrupt Museveni and everything associated with him; a corruption that is material, mental and moral that, even considering how much their lies have failed, they still repeat them,” said a respected Kampala political analyst whose privacy we will safeguard.

“The goal of the current lie against Rwanda which Museveni has uttered casually, yet it is absolutely lacking in substance, is merely another weaponized falsehood in the continued effort to tarnish Rwanda. Outlets like Chimpreports that pretend to be news media then do misinformation duty by amplifying the lie, to deceive the unknowing,” concluded the writer.

Refugees in a settlement. Those camps with Rwandan refugees have been turned into recruitment fields for anti-Rwanda terror activities

Information this website has is that Bucumi in fact was intending to go back home to Rwanda, “as he was certain his country would welcome him.” “Bucumi had been saying many good things about the progress Rwanda has made, and how well off the people home are,” said a resident of Nakivale.

Anyone that knows how the UN refugee agency, UNHCR works is aware that in cases like Rwandan refugees whose countries are deemed safe for them to go back to, the UN agency first organizes “come and see visits”.

These visits take selected refugees (under UNHCR protection) on trips to their country to see for themselves what’s happening on the ground, and then decide for themselves whether it’s safe to go back or not.

Information this website has is that Bucumi had been on one such trip and was prepared to go back home, while telling several others that it was safe for anyone that wished to go back.

However in doing this, Bucumi was digging his own grave, a UNHCR Uganda source told us, on condition of anonymity to divulge secrets.

Reports in such reputed outlets as The Standard newspaper of Nairobi have shown in the recent past that Uganda’s refugee camps are fertile ground for the Kayumba Nyamwasa terrorist Rwanda National Congress to recruit fighters from.

“It is in the interests of such groups that Rwandans in refugee camps remain there forever, or increase in numbers!” said our UNHCR source.

“A group like RNC values the refugee camps for two reasons. One is obviously that they are an easy recruitment source, and second is that they serve the propaganda purpose of continually portraying Rwanda as being unsafe!”

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Several sources have disclosed to regional media such as The Standard that the camps also harbor several undercover agents of the Museveni security apparatus – such as CMI directed by Brig. Gen. Abel Kandiho – who act as spies in their assistance role to RNC.

“Therefore anyone that will say a single good word about Rwanda in the camps is as good as a dead person,” our source said. “No one can be allowed to live should the spies in the camps report that he or she said something which might overturn the Museveni/RNC evil agenda.

The record of Rwanda in welcoming its refugees back, including even fighters of the genocidal FDLR who decide to give up and go back is well recorded by UNHCR, and even by the World Bank which is a main partner in Rwanda’s Demobilization program, say observers.

So, one asks, “What interest would Rwanda have to kill an old, unknown man like Bucumi?” Answer: there is simply none.

On the other hand, there is plenty of reason for the Museveni/RNC unholy alliance to murder the poor man, and for added propaganda purposes shift the blame on Rwanda, analysts comment.

Observers also note that a man like Museveni – whom they say has not hesitated to assassinate individuals like the late police spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi, MP Abiriga, Muhammad Kirumira and so many others going back to the Mayombos, all for criticizing him – would find no problem killing one that spoke well of Rwanda.

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