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Museveni regime’s hostile propaganda hits the bottom

By Rutore Samugabo

L-R: President Yoweri Museveni, RNC’s Kayumba Nyamwasa.

A Museveni regime misinformation website that calls itself Kampala Post has come up with an article under the preposterous headline, “Timeline of Kigali’s aggressions against Uganda.”

This article in the so-called Kampala Post is a prime example of the dangerous fictions the regime’s merchants of misinformation are capable of concocting in their daily anti-Rwanda campaigns. The head almost spins, thinking of that statement: “Kigali’s aggressions against Uganda”.

Museveni and his government are the ones in bed with RNC, a group that has openly declared war on the elected administration of Rwanda. Kayumba Nyamwasa its head long ago announced his violent agenda against Rwanda. Grenades detonated by RNC terrorists have killed multitudes and wounded hundreds in Rwanda.

These aren’t rumors. These are facts. Neither is it a rumor that Museveni, through his spy agencies – CMI, ISO and others – fully supports and facilitates RNC’s recruitment activities in Uganda. CMI operatives together with RNC agents move into refugee camps, or Ugandan towns and villages with sizable Kinyarwanda-speaking communities, looking for young men and women to persuade to join RNC.

CMI facilitates their transportation to training camps in DRC. It provides them forged Ugandan papers. Everyone that reads news remember the incident in December 2017 when 46 young Rwandans were intercepted at the Kikagati Border Post with Tanzania.

They had Ugandan papers, but immigration officials saw clearly they weren’t Ugandans. When the alert officials closely scrutinized their papers, they saw it was forgeries. They had them arrested. The young men had first said they were travelling to Burundi for a church fellowship. Upon closer interrogation they confessed they were going to Minembwe, eastern DRC, to become RNC rebel fighters. They confessed everything, including how it was CMI and RNC agents that recruited them, and how it was CMI than gave them their fake papers. The men were charged with terrorism.

President Museveni himself admitted – at a joint press conference with his Rwandan counterpart – that he knew of the Kikagati group. But he only did so because of embarrassment; because President Kagame had shown him incontestable proof.

Museveni’s partnership with Nyamwasa, (and with FDLR, the other anti-Rwanda terror group) in the goal to destabilize Rwanda is an open secret. Ignace Fils Bazeye the group’s spokesperson and Theophile Abega its intelligence chief have revealed Kampala’s intense involvement in RNC and FDLR’s efforts to bring conflict to Rwanda.

Bazeye and Abega were arrested by DRC authorities at the Bunagana border with Uganda as they were coming from a meeting in Kampala in mid December last year. They were coming from a meeting ordered by Museveni and chaired by Philemon Mateke, Minister of State for Regional Affairs.

The Congolese authorities handed the captured FDLR bigwigs to Rwanda. In Kigali they revealed all aspects of the rebel group’s workings with the Museveni regime. Neither was it a secret. These guys only revealed many more details of the unholy alliance between them, RNC and Kampala, according to an impeccable source.

Yet, the so-called Kampala Post says Kigali is the one that’s “aggressive”. It is beyond bizarre. It is a wonder in its profound mendacity. RNC openly does business in Uganda. Its chief financier Tribert Rujugiro has built a tobacco factory in Uganda that’s only a front for RNC operations in the country.

On top of everything, CMI operatives illegally arrest, harass, imprison and torture Rwandan nationals on a regular basis. In many cases they work hand in hand with RNC agents in hunting down innocent Rwandans against whom they concoct charges of “spying for Rwanda”.

The names of Rwandans that have been victimized are many. Gatsinzi, Murenzi, Rutayisire, Kayobera, his wife Claudene, Donne Kayibanda, Rutare, and many others. They have been arrested and tortured, never been produced in a court of law, and others were just dumped at the borders.

These inhuman acts are committed only by the Museveni regime. But it is Rwanda that Kampala Post calls aggressive. No one accuses Rwanda of being in cahoots with a rebel force to destabilize Uganda. No security agency in Rwanda is working with a hostile anti-Uganda force to recruit anti-Uganda fighters.

The things Kampala Post cites against Rwanda are the usual unproven allegations of “Rwanda kidnapping Rwandan refugees”. But the Ugandan government’s main example of a “kidnapped refugee” is one Joel Mutabazi; a man that never in fact was kidnapped.

The Police of Uganda in 2011 handed him to its Rwandan counterpart in a bilateral exchange of wanted fugitives. Mutabazi’s rights once in Rwanda were respected, and he stood trial for his crimes. That is what Kampala Post and all the other Museveni mouthpieces call “kidnapping”.

Elsewhere in the article, the author engages in a fair bit of historic revisionism, claiming that the conflicts between the armies of Uganda and Rwanda in Kisangani were caused by the Rwandan forces. They quote some anonymous UPDF officer to assert this.

They are rehashing 20-year old lies. Facts of the conflict, written in all the newspapers at the time, indicate UPDF were the aggressors. UPDF soldiers fired first, despite repeated warnings by their Rwandan counterparts to desist from that.

Rwandan forces were in the Congo fighting the ex FAR and Interahamwe, the same groups that had killed a million Rwandans. The Rwanda army in Kisangani only fired at UPDF in self-defense.

However Museveni’s mouthpieces will only turn facts on their head.

They are scraping the bottom of the barrel.


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