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Museveni regime to make a big show of handing dead body over to Rwanda

By Jackson Mutabazi

Uganda’s Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa. Uganda is capitalizing on a false narrative about a dead Rwandan smuggler and his accomplice to drive the false narrative that “Rwandan troops killed people in Uganda”. Right: the smuggler’s motorcycle, whose driver was intercepted smuggling second-hand clothes into Rwanda from Uganda.

In a determined bid to exploit a dead body for political gain, the Museveni regime will stop at nothing, it has come to light.

The Uganda government has organized members of Kampala’s diplomatic corps to accompany the deceased Nkerenke Pierre to the border where they will hand the body over to Rwanda. Nkerenke is the man who died last Friday while resisting arrest, as a mob of Ugandan villagers tried to help him do so.

Uganda will make a big show, literary, of handing the dead body over to Rwanda. “Uganda is planning a big ceremony for the handover of the body of a Rwandan national who was shot dead inside Ugandan territory,” wrote ChimpReports, one of the Museveni regime’s main propaganda mouthpieces, yesterday.

“At least they are not hiding the fact they are making ‘a big ceremony’ of it,” laughed a Rwandan after reading the article.

Kampala media and authorities have continued to push the falsehood that Rwanda “killed two people on Ugandan territory”.

Teams composed of local government authorities and security officials from both sides of the border met to conduct a preliminary joint investigation on Saturday, the morning following the incident. The Rwandan team was led by Mayor Mushabe David Claudian, ACP Emmanuel Hatari among others. The Ugandan delegation included LC5 Chairperson for Rukiga District Akampikaho Alex, CSP Byaruhanga, the Kabale District Deputy RCP, and CIP Okumu the Rukiga District Police Commander.

“The meeting confirmed that the incident took place in Rwandan territory,” said a statement of the Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to its Ugandan counterpart, signed 26th May 2019.

It was observed in the presence of all that the shooting incident that resulted in the deaths of Nkerenke Pierre and his Ugandan accomplice Nyesiga Alex happened in Tabagwe Sector, Kagarama Village in Nyagatare District, Rwanda.

According to information received by this website, on the evening of Friday 24 May 2019 a Rwandan security patrol intercepted a man on a motorcycle after he entered through one of the porous, un-gazetted, border crossings. It was Nkerenke. The patrol suspected him of smuggling because his motorcycle was laden with two bales.

When they ordered him to stop, Nkerenke instead turned violent, scuffling with member of the patrol. That caused several people from the nearby community in Uganda to rush to the place. According to eyewitnesses, “most of these people were brandishing machetes and acting like a violent mob.” It was then that members of the patrol shot in self-defense. The smuggler died.

A Ugandan, Nyesiga, too was shot. He died later. According to reports, Nyesiga was one of the people brandishing machetes, with the aim to help Nkerenke resist a lawful order of arrest. It was suspected that Nyesiga was an accomplice of Nkerenke in the smuggling racket.

The mob somehow managed to drag the body of Nkerenke away. That, according to eyewitnesses, was possible because members of the Rwandan security patrol desisted from further shooting – out of consideration that no more people lose their lives. “There was no need to shoot anymore since the mob became more subdued after,” according to security sources.

Nkerenke’s motorcycle, of Rwandan Registration no. RE 736 G, remained where the man had been intercepted. It was later taken to Nyagatare Police Station.

“But to see the lies Ugandan officials and media are spinning around the incident is to realize the extent to which our neighbors no longer care about truth, or about law and order,” said an analyst on condition of anonymity.

“They are so determined to push the lie to the limit, now they are even involving diplomats!”

A Uganda Police statement, signed by CP Fred Enanga the force’s spokesperson, claimed Rwandan forces had entered Uganda and killed the two men. “But we are used to malicious rumors from the neighbors, and this was more of the same,” commented a Rwandan border security source.

Next was Foreign Minister Kutesa, resorting to the most undiplomatic language to denigrate the security forces of Rwanda, making the same allegation that “Rwandan soldiers shot people within Uganda”.

Kutesa also referred to Rwandan soldiers as “criminal, brutal and violent,” in a display of language beneath his status.

Reading Kutesa’s statement, many found it ironic that any Ugandan authority could dare refer to any security organ as brutal and criminal, when violence against Ugandans is what their forces have specialized in – including executions that take place in Kampala regularly. With Kutesa’s abusive statement, it is now clear Uganda has appointed itself the prosecutor, jury and judge in this matter, commented astonished Rwandan analysts.

Others have wondered at the speed with which Uganda trotted out its statements and concluded it is the usual Museveni regime’s hostile antics against Rwanda, which – the record shows – has never initiated any hostilities against the Ugandan administration.

Yet others are wondering about the sudden “compassion of Uganda for a dead Rwandan” to the extent of even “mobilizing diplomats to escort him to his country”, yet there literally are dozens of innocent Rwandans that Ugandan intelligence services, like the notorious CMI, has tortured to death, or almost to death.

“Let Kutesa first take the diplomats to the torture dungeons of CMI in Mbuya and show them the Rwandans there,” commented a Rwandan that has survived that fearful place.

He added: “Maybe Kandiho (Brig. Gen. Abel, the CMI chief) can conduct the tour for the diplomats and show them the blood-spattered basement where they daily inhumanly beat the detained Rwandans. Or where they immerse them in ice water, or where they electrocute others in the soles of their feet!”

The people suffering torture at CMI headquarters in Mbuya, and in the agency’s “safe houses” only are a very few of the hundreds of Rwandans illegally detained in various Ugandan prisons, some up to two years without relatives hearing from them.

Most commonly Ugandan security agencies arrest Rwandans with no warrants or reading of charges, and jail or imprison them with no chance to defend themselves in court.

On the other hand, commentators say, maybe it would be good for the world to hear some real truths about Uganda’s hostility to Rwanda if diplomats were to interview the recently arrested officials of anti-Rwanda rebel groups such as LaForge Fils Bazeye, Theophile Abega of FDLR and Callixte Nsabimana of FLN.

Or, if the Ugandan Foreign Ministry really cares for the truth to come out, it could facilitate the Kampala diplomatic corps to interview RNC officials Charlotte Mukankusi, Eugene Gasana and others whom the Museveni regime has provided diplomatic passports to facilitate them in their anti-Rwanda missions.

Meanwhile, the harassment of innocent Rwandans persists in Uganda. On 26 May 2019, Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) abducted two Rwandan nationals, Samvura Pierre, 47, and Habiyaremye Eric, 25, residents of the same town, Tabagwe, along the border where the smugglers were shot.

Samvura and Habiyaremye were abducted at Gasheke, 1.5km inside Uganda where they had gone to attend a baptism ceremony, of the son of their friend Muhwezi Silver. That was according to information that was tweeted by Rwanda National Police on the evening of May 26. ChimpReports, well known as an outlet for CMI misinformation, has already published allegations that Samvura and Habiyaremye are “Rwandan soldiers” that were arrested in Uganda.

ChimpReports, readers will remember, is the same organ that last month, 18 April 2019, published the fabrication that Rwandan troops had crossed into Kisoro “looking for food and drinks”. When challenged to produce some proof – audio, pictures or video – the editors of the CMI propaganda tool went completely mute.

The truth is that Sgt. Maj. (Rtd) Samvura Pierre retired from the Army in 2015, and rejoined civilian life. Habiyaremye Eric never was a soldier at any time in his life according to records, and according to his family members.

ChimpReports clear intention, say analysis, is to establish an instant narrative – that the two CMI-abducted Rwandans are “solders” – to link with the earlier faux narrative that “Rwandan troops” killed people on Ugandan territory. That is in addition to the usual false justifications for CMI’s – and other Kampala security agencies’ – constant harassment of innocent Rwandans in the form of abductions, illegal jailing, torture and other abuses.

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