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Museveni recruiting anti-Rwanda propagandists

By Mark Martin Karuhanga

“Love your neighbour with all your heart and soul as you love God. It is wrong to love God whom you have never seen and hate your neighbour who you live with every day,” Museveni said during Christmas prayers at Saint Luke Church in Kiruhura District. This is vintage Yoweri K. Museveni. As he was saying this, information reached our desk that his anti-Rwanda campaign now includes direct recruitment of propagandists as part of a broader campaign to destabilise his neighbour.

Over the course of the year this website has brought you irrefutable evidence demonstrating Museveni’s support for different groups seeking to destabilise Rwanda, including Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terrorist organisation, the Rwandan National Congress (RNC), and most recently Paul Rusesabagina’s Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD), both of which are in alliance with the internationally blacklisted Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) that has openly declared its intent to return to Rwanda for the “unfinished business” of completing the 1994 Genocide.

This is how Museveni demonstrates his love of his neighbours. It was also revealed this year that Museveni is in constant communication with David Himbara whose propaganda against his country Museveni is said to appreciate. This however is far from an isolated case. We have it from impeccable sources that Museveni’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) is squandering hundreds of millions of Ugandan taxpayers’ money paying exiled Rwandan dissidents to spread misinformation against their country. In addition to Himbara, they have now recruited Noble Marara. Like Himbara, Marara seems to have dedicated his life to slandering Rwanda’s leadership with entirely manufactured rumours.

Earlier this week, for instance, Marara thought he was being clever by releasing a rumour through the Museveni-funded “Inyenyeri news” alleging that the president of Rwanda “has ordered the assassination of Honorable Philemon Mateke.” Marara alleges that, “a hit squad” under “direct orders from Paul Kagame has been sent to eliminate Mateke.” The evidence-free rumour – shorn of any quote from any authority, any leaked document, leaked audio, anything whatsoever – continues that, “Kagame has taken issue with Mr. Mateke whom he accuses of being the bridge between FDLR and Uganda’s leadership.”

Here, Marara thinks that he is being clever. Unintentionally, however, all he does is reinforce the accusation against his benefactor Museveni that he is indeed in bed with the FDLR genocidaires. In other words, Marara is admitting there is indeed a link between the FDLR and Museveni. In fact, he goes even further by giving details on this key actor in the alliance, probably in some role of a “special envoy.”

What requires no debate is that Mateke is Uganda’s Minister of State for Regional Affairs. Another established fact that Museveni himself admitted during a press conference in Entebbe on 25 March 2018 is that his security agencies have played host and facilitated RNC activities on Ugandan territory.

Reading between the lines of Marara’s slanderous fiction against the Rwandan head of state, analysts are already scared for Philemon Mateke.

“Mateke is a dead man walking!” said an analyst that read Marara’s article and shared his views with us. “This article by Marara is a sure indication that Museveni’s goons in CMI, ISO, SFC are getting ready to eliminate Mateke the way they did Kaweesi, Abiriga, Afande Kirumira, and tried to do with Bobi Wine without success” he added.

This is the depth Museveni has reached in his obsession with destabilising Rwanda. “The man seems desperate,” another analyst observed. “He will do anything. The more his domestic political situation gets desperate and his authority becomes increasingly illegitimate and internal challenges pile up, the more he needs an external enemy to blame for it, and thankfully from his point of view, he has Rwanda.” In other words, if he is already blaming Mateke’s assassination on Rwanda before it happens, Mateke better run and hide!”

Love your neighbour he says, as he plots murder.

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