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Museveni is the biggest enabler of ADF, even as CMI projects against Rwanda

By Alex Muhumuza

Commandonepost, one of the many websites of misinformation under the control of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, has trotted out one of its favorite anti-Rwanda smears: that Rwanda sponsors the ADF rebel group.

Museveni’s position regarding ADF shows he is far more interested in its survival, since it provides him the pretext to keep trying to invade DRC. His propaganda game is to blame Rwanda for ADF

In an article published this Monday, Commandonepost among the many claim that it backs with nothing, claims: “the ADF rebels have benefitted from foreign funding and logistical support, mainly the southern neighbors Rwanda.”

This is just the start of a litany of claims against Rwanda supposedly of how Kigali works with ADF, and so on.

The CMI website has published nothing to show how Rwanda has funded the Ugandan rebel group. It has not published a single link to indicate how Rwanda backs the ADF. It has mentioned no dates, places, or quotes to show how this is supposed to have happened. 

Interestingly, this is not the first time Commandonepost has tried to fictitiously tie the ADF to Rwanda. Just less than two months ago, on 16 July they published these exact same claims, but with a different headline: “Rwanda’s complexity in the ADF rebel massacres in Beni, Ituri, with plans to cut off Uganda’s access to DRC.”

This obsession of CMI’s with peddling a lie that has been debunked repeatedly, with verifiable facts, is projection on a different scale. The Museveni regime is projecting against Rwanda the very thing that it itself is guilty of. Kigali has exposed, with evidence and proof, time and again, that Uganda supports, backs, and facilitates proxy groups – mainly Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC – with a mutual goal to destabilize Rwanda.

There can no longer be any doubt that Museveni himself has been exposed after meeting RNC officials at Entebbe. RNC’s recruiting activities in Uganda have been exposed. RNC’s chief financier Tribert Rujugiro’s businesses dealings in Uganda have been exposed. And so, and so on.

“On the other hand Rwanda sponsors no rebel or terrorism activity against Uganda, so the only thing they can do is to invent the story that Rwanda funds ADF,” a security analyst in Kigali said.

Projection isn’t the only aim of this particular lie, however. 

Museveni has never desired to put an end to the ADF, because if he did, for one thing, he would have no pretexts for which to always send his army to DRC. The ADF serves as the perfect excuse for Museveni always send his troops, but his true goal being to loot Congolese resources. And once in DRC, they not only loot, they sow further instability.

Commandonepost makes the wild claim that “Rwanda has been the biggest contributors to instability in DRC”, a particularly laughable claim for a couple of reasons.

It is Uganda that continues to be the biggest agent of instability in the region, with Museveni and his brother Saleh always salivating after Congo’s minerals and other natural resources. Museveni has been implicated in inciting violence in Ituri, inciting the Lendu to kill the Hema and vice versa, while arming both sides. The International Crisis Group has confirmed the Ugandan ruler’s hand in these lawless incidents, with the aim of smuggling conflict minerals like Gold and Timber from the region.

And then there is the fact that it is Uganda that has been implicated in acts to destabilize a neighbor – including looting, raping, and other human rights abuse – by the International Court of Justice back in 2005. The court ordered Uganda to pay DRC reparations to the tune of US$ 10 billion.

Elsewhere in its latest piece, Commandonepost’s writes more lies – such as claims that “Rwanda is committing genocide in DRC.” But also that Rwanda “controls the Congolese army FARDC.”

Museveni’s propagandists are going all out to insult the DRC government as well with entirely made up allegations. For the “genocide claims” for instance, they rely entirely on a fictitious source within the Monusco peacekeeping force.

Reading through the CMI piece, it seemingly suggests that the current leadership in Kinshasa is complicit in massacres, or “genocide” of its own citizenship, with Rwanda.

“This is how far Museveni’s desperation is, seeing stability return to DRC,” our security source noted. “His propaganda outlets will tell any lie in the hopes of keeping the chaos going.” 

On the other hand, other informed commentators pointed out, Rwanda is fighting ISIS Mozambique, which is an affiliate of international Islamic extremist terrorism, of which ideology ADF in eastern DRC is part of. “So, CMI’s propaganda claims that Rwanda is part of that is just childish and laughable,” our source added.    


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