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More defections in the RNC as Nyamwasa fails to produce Rutabana

By George W. Byarugaba

The mismanagement of RNC funds by RNC head Nyamwasa (right) is one of the reasons others like Turayishimiye (left) have quit.

The latest development coming from the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) terror outfit that has publicly declared war on Rwanda, indicates that more senior members have defected protesting Kayumba Nyamwasa’s leadership.

The disappearance of Ben Rutabana, RNC Commissioner of Capacity Building, has sparked internal disputes. Senior members like Leah Karegeya , Jean Paul Turayishimiye, Gwiza Tabitha Simeon Ndwaniye have all quit.

Leah Karegeya, the widow of RNC co-founder Patrick Karegeya, has been rocking the boat in the RNC camp following irreconcilable differences with her late husband’s partner in crime, Kayumba Nyamwasa. After the disappearance of Rutabana, our inside sources confirmed that Leah Karegeya challenges Nyamwasa to establish an investigative committee on the disappearance of Rutabana and produce its findings to the terrror organization’s top leadership.

Turayishimiye, the former RNC head of intelligence and research, was fired by Nyamwasa after their disagreement on Rutabana’s disappearance. Turayishimiye has sided with Leah Karegeya and Thabita Gwiza’s to mounted pressure on Nyamwasa to produce Rutabana.

Relieving Turashyimye of his duties and dropping him from hosting talk shows on Itahuka (anti-Rwanda propaganda radio) created more friction. It is then that Turashimye defected to Leah and Thabita’s side.

Nyamwasa had promised Leah to investigate what went wrong and produce Rutabana. As if that was not enough, Nyamwasa appointed a new RNC spokesperson, Etienne Mutabazi, and embarked on pushing a narrative to pin Turayishimye for Rutabana’s disappearance. This culminated into further disputes that led to Leah’s resignation from her position as head of the “Committee of Wise Persons.” This is how she defected from the terror organization.

Prior to that, Rutabana’s family members led by his sister Gwiza and Simeon Ndwaniye protested Rutabana’s mysterious disappearance and the ambiguity surrounding the whole mess. They put Nyamwasa to task to produce their missing family member. The head terrorist failed to take action.

Impeccable sources in RNC intimated to us that Gwiza, who led the ‘RNC Canada Province’ also engaged in bitter exchanges with Nyamwasa, whom she accused of embezzling party resources. It was discovered that Nyamwasa was stealing from the RNC “Canada Chapter” which he would use for personal businesses. The irate Gwiza resigned, and defected from RNC with quite a big number of Canada-based members.

Having been marred by a reputation for nepotism, corruption, insecurity, breach of trust and endless internal wrangles; RNC could be seeing its last days. More defections are being reported in its structures in North America and elsewhere. Its current financial crisis is partly attributed to embezzlement and mismanagement, and partly due to defections which have seen a decline in members’ contributions.

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