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Meeting of genocide revisionists in Europe and America runs into a ditch

By Yves Muneza

Genocide revisionists: Gilbert Mwenedata (left) and Placide Kayumba.

A virtual meeting of which Gilbert Mwenedata – a former “independent political candidate in Rwanda who now lives overseas, was a key organizer – left many in a state of suspicion, stating “Mwenedata could not be trusted”. Or that, “he was just looking for an opportunity to mint money out of members of those groups, should they agree to follow him.” According to a source that attended the meeting, which was on 24 of the preceding month, “the agenda was scanty and seemingly aimed only at asking for money.”

The meeting, which was coordinated from London, convened hundreds of individuals known to be genocide revisionists together with organizations devoted to anti-Rwanda propaganda overseas. It ended in drama after some of the attendants accused it of being “an avenue for espionage and money fleecing.” Of the people that met virtually, at least 60 represented 35 hostile groups. The organizers had contemplated a merger of different groups in their longer-term goal of destabilizing the government of Rwanda. Now this effort has died before its birth.

Some of the attendants – who did not follow the meeting to the last minute, even if it ended unceremoniously – were unhappy about “differences in ideology”, according to sources that this website talked with. Others said “it was the usual calls for money, and fundraising now that their donors have started to close the taps.”

“First of all, some of the invitees had declined to attend the virtual conference, claiming that the mulled coalition was meant ‘to eavesdrop on their plans and leak it to the government of Rwanda’; others in the meeting were arguing that they did not share the same ethnicity and that the agenda was not clear,” explained our source. He said the claims were indicative of the high levels of paranoia and sectarianism that these anti-Rwanda groups “are infected with.”

Gilbert Mwenedata is former presidential hopeful of 2010 elections who was disqualified to run on basis of failing to meet requirements. He had ridden on an independent candidature. Prior to fleeing the country in 2017, Mwenedata was in charge of youth at one of the churches in Kigali, before relocating to Afghanistan as a UN staff in a relief support program. He later relocated once again, this time to London.

In the English capital he formed a group he named People’s Initiative for Democratic Alliance (PIDA), claiming he wanted to join hands with others. According to analysts, they have one thing in common: “pushing a hostile and subversive agenda against the Government of Rwanda.” Among the groups he joined hands with was one run by renowned genocidaires, dubbed Jambo Asbl. It’s headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with membership mainly of offspring of genocide convicts, or fugitives that sought refuge in European countries.

The five founders of Jambo Asbl are: Placide Kayumba the son of Dominic Ntawukuriryayo, a former president of Habyarimana’s MRND, mastermind of the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsis. Robert Mugabowindekwe its current leader. Alfred Uzabakiriho (Treasurer). Natasha Ayingeneye, daughter of Juvenal Uwiyiringiye who was trade minister of the genocidal regime. Ruhumuriza Mbonyumutwa, grandchild of Dominic Mbonyumutwa, one of the original founders of “Hutu Power” extremist politics. And Liliane Bahufite, daughter of Juvenal Bahufite, and ex-FAR Colonel. Reports have it that members of Jambo Asbl have been receiving funds from European donors who also have been in close contacts with the FDLR terror group.

The next planned meeting of these groups is slated late for August this year. But a source tells this website confidentially, this will be “just another ‘fundraising venture’ as their leaders have been suffering economically,” partly as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 global crisis. “The poverty is biting, and the Europeans are currently closing taps,” said our source.

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