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Man recently murdered in Kisoro died only because he was Rwandan, family

By Joel Ruhinankiko

The hostility of the Museveni regime continues to claim innocent Rwandan lives, with yet another Rwandan national found dead in the town of Kisoro in the village of Mugwata last Friday.

The man, identified as Faustin Niyonzima was found lifeless in the morning of this Saturday with deep bruises indicating that his killers murdered him in cold-blood.

Ever since the regime of President Yoweri Museveni adopted its policy of hostility when the Ugandan leader, for his own reasons chose to back terrorist forces that aim to destabilize Rwanda, very many Rwandan citizens travelling to Uganda or those already there have been subjected to inhuman suffering. The country’s security agencies have arrested many on concocted charges, most frequently “illegal entry” or “espionage”. Others have been victimized with trumped up charges of “illegal weapons possession”.

It is no secret that the Ugandan authorities are acting on the instructions of Museveni in the continued persecution of Rwandan citizens, even as Kigali on her part has maintained a steadfast adherence to the law in her treatment of Ugandan citizens. Even those that are arrested on suspicion of breaking the law are read the charges against them first, and proof is presented.

This is completely unlike the treatment of innocent Rwandans when entities like CMI, Ugandan military intelligence, abduct or kidnap Rwandans and subject them to torture in its Mbuya Barracks headquarters or its hundreds of ungazetted places of detention.

However a number of Rwandans have also been reported missing, or dead. They have been extra-judicially killed. Incidents have been reported when Rwandans were murdered when they refused to be recruited into Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC.

CMI operatives working hand in hand with RNC agents move all over Uganda, especially in those areas with significant Kinyarwanda-speaking communities, looking to persuade people to join RNC and be taken to its training camps in DRC.

It is reported that those Rwandans that refuse face intimidation, which includes threats against their lives.

A telltale sign that the killings of Banyarwanda are never investigated by the Uganda authorities. When a Rwandan was killed in the Fort Portal area in February this year and his lifeless body found with bruise marks around the neck, no one investigated. When another was killed in Kisoro by people that were waiting for him near his house, no one investigated. When more are killed in refugee camps, no one cares.

“All this shows there is ‘a briefing’ never to look too closely into the deaths of Banyarwanda,” said a Rwandan border official who talked on condition of anonymity.

The hateful propaganda that has continuously been peddled by Kampala has all the time been trying to portray Rwandan victims as some kind of criminals, but they never try anyone in court, to show proof of the claims of Ugandan security agencies against them. There are estimated to be more than 1000 Rwandans languishing in Uganda prisons, with no trial.

The family of Faustin Niyonzima is in deep sadness and sorrow knowing that their loved one was killed for no reason other than because he is a Rwandan.

As an ADEPR pastor – one of those that have fallen victim to CMI – told this website, “the people, not only of Rwanda but Ugandans as well, really need to pray that the demons that have gotten into the heads of Uganda’s rulers are defeated!”

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