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LIBERATION25: Not an event, but a journey

By Willis Shalita

Six days ago today Rwandans all over the globe, but especially in Rwanda celebrated the 25th anniversary of our liberation. It is a day that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. A celebration of man’s goodness, and humanity.

Across The Motherland Rwandans came together by the millions to remember where we have been, and resolved to curve a bright future for all Rwandans. We refuse to be defined by our bloody history, and genocide does not describe our moral integrity or humanity. But, Alas! It happened.

Addressing the nation President Kagame said, “The logic of liberation is to turn bad things into good things. What Rwandans have achieved is undeniably real.”

Indeed, the facts on the ground speak for themselves. Those who predicted we would be a failed state in 1994 need to come and see the achievements we have made, and marvel at the master plan we have laid for the future.

The simple truth is, we have been to hell and back. There is no other place to go but forward.

HE President Paul Kagame delivering his keynote speech at Kwibohora25.

In his speech the President eloquently described how our journey fighting evil was made possible.

He said, “Where did the humanity and heroism come from?”

“The answer is simple. We believed in our right to dignity as Rwandans. For decades and decades Rwandans were treated as objects to be used and discarded by anyone, especially the powerful.”

The President concluded, loud and clear for all to hear, “IT WONT BE ANYMORE.”

The blood of innocents that was spilled in those 100 dark days in 1994 has been the fertilizer, so to speak, for all things good and decent. We cannot forget those who perished, and those we lost on the battle front. History would not forgive us.

“Liberation was not about restoring the past, but creating something fundamentally new and better for all Rwandans” the President told a grateful and healing nation.

Every Rwandan at home and abroad, and especially those in foreign capitals busy chasing their shadows should take this message to heart.

President Kagame said in no uncertain terms, “This fight was necessary and indeed unavoidable. IF THERE WILL EVER BE NECESSITY FOR MORE FIGHTS, WE WILL BE THERE.”

These are not empty threats. Rwanda’s security cannot, and will never be compromised. We have paid too high a price for our liberation and dignity. It follows, therefore, that there will be, and must be, consequences to those who seek to reverse the course of history and compromise the sovereignty of our Republic.

RDF Soldiers performing on parade at Amahoro Stadium during Kwibohora25.

“We left the past behind us and embraced the future by coming together as a family.

We must remain solid in defense of these values through each and every generation.

We will not lose our way again”, President Kagame stoically affirmed.

Our resolve has been tested before. Our humanity demeaned. Blood of innocent Rwandans was needlessly spilled to score cheap political marks and advance a genocidal philosophy.

Our Liberation twenty five years ago is testament that we will rather perish than accept statelessness and degradation.

History shall absolve us, because we are writing it.

Source: http://rwandanvoice.com/?p=1141

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