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Leah Karegeya, the latest to jump the RNC sinking boat

By Alain Mucyo

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, RNC leader (left) and Leah Karegeya.

Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC is currently a sinking boat following a spate of resignations of its top most leaders, including almost all its founding members. The latest is the resignation of Leah Karegeya, the widow of former founding member of the terror outfit, Patrick Karegeya.

Leah Karegeya has been the head of the “committee of wise persons” in the group. But she threw in the towel through a letter to the RNC “General Coordinator” Jerome Nayigiziki dated 30 December 2019. According to insiders, Nayigiziki, is actually a mere stooge, but the person who wields unchecked powers is Kayumba Nyamwasa who lives the life of a fugitive in South Africa.

In her resignation letter, Leah states that she is quitting because the committee she was heading is not respected, and the recommendations they make are always overlooked. “I find no reason to remain a leader when as a mandated committee we make recommendations to the executive team and they are always ignored,” she wrote.

Among the many recommendations she said her team made was one concerning the former spokesperson of the outfit Jean Paul Turayishimiye who was summarily fired for daring raise questions about the disappearance of one of the RNC “commissioners” Benjamin Rutabana. Leah says her team recommended that Turayishimiye be summoned and asked to table concerns he had about the disappearance of Rutabana.

But Nyamwasa decided to fire him instead, without consulting any other member.

The terrorist group that perpetrated a series of grenade attacks in Rwanda in the preceding decade is finding itself more and more in dire waters.

Meanwhile inside sources also indicate that it is a matter of days before the RNC treasurer, Jean Marie Micombero, also throws in the towel. It is said he is amongst those that are deeply disenchanted. “The trigger for the latest exodus is the ‘disappearance’ of Benjamin Rutabana, who last communicated with his family while in Uganda in early September,” says a source.

Rutabana was the commissioner for capacity development and had been in Uganda on an “official mission”. Rutabana’s wife wrote a letter to the RNC leadership basically asking it to produce her husband, or at least say where he was. Nyamwasa gave no answer.

It is said now that the entire family of Rutabana is also up in arms against Nyamwasa and his “internal gang” of the likes of Frank Ntwari his brother in law.

Even today Rutabana’s whereabouts remain unknown despite Nyamwasa initially assuring the worried family that their relative was “safe”. The resignations of Jean Paul and now Leah, and many more to come are linked to Kayumba’s role not only in the disappearance of Rutabana, but also in the mismanagement of RNC funds, according to many in the know.

Nyamwasa and his wife are ‘good embezzlers’ that have invested RNC funds into their family businesses that include supermarkets in SA and trucking businesses in Mozambique, sources have disclosed.

Nyamwasa has being accused of personalizing RNC, which fellow founding members have openly accused him of siphoning its funds, lack of strategic leadership skills, tribalism and nepotism among many others. He works with close family members, including his brother-in law Frank Ntwari, “whom he has single handedly anointed the powerful position of commissioner for youth”, sources added.

Ntwari was particularly singled out by Diane as the person that had been issuing threats the most against her husband. She said on many occasions she had expressed her worries, especially – according to an interview she gave VOA – when one time Ntwari threatened Rutabana that “if he stepped into Uganda again he would be arrested!”

More RNC fellows are turning their back on the group’s ‘autocratic leadership’.

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