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Laurence Muganga yet another amongst Museveni’s men of dishonor

By Alain Mucyo

Earlier this month, Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) mistakenly arrested one of President Museveni’s own loyalists of the “Abavandimwe Association” who they had apparently mistaken for a Rwandan spy. As soon as news broke with CCTV images of the brutal and humiliating arrest of Dr Laurence Muganga, vice chancellor of Victoria University, David Himbara, another Museveni operative based in Canada, immediately blogged about it, alerting authorities in Kampala about the “scandal.” Upon learning that his eager men had arrested their own, Museveni quickly ordered his release and instructed that Dr Muganga’s state-provided Counter-Terrorism Police guards be restored and beefed up.

Lawrence Muganga, a completely dishonorable man that, unsurprisingly, found favor with Museveni

It was not surprising Himbara was among the first to rush to Dr Muganga’s rescue. They two are birds of the same feather. Like Himbara, Muganga, for instance, finished Senior 4 with an almost perfect marks of 9s (F) except in English where both scored an 8. In other words, perfect failure. They continued as failures beyond the university. Unlike Himbara who had to change his name to Murunganwa (his older brother’s name) in order to forge marks and senior secondary from junior secondary school, Muganga kept his name but corrupted his way into admission to Makerere university.

Before both became Museveni operatives, the former in the joint pay of both Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, the two agents were together at Rwanda’s Human Resources and Institutional Capacity Development Agency (HIDA), where Himbara was the board chair and Muganga a staffer.

When Himbara relocated to Canada his friend Muganga found him there. They connived to lie to the police there that Rwanda had sent Muganga to kill Himbara. The story would help Muganga get his Canadian residency and ultimately his citizenship and it helped Himbara to raise his own credentials as someone who on Rwanda’s hit-list when in fact he was someone whom the authorities in Kigali had lost the little interest they may ever have had.

When Himbara inadvertently revealed that their work together against the government of Rwanda on Uganda’s behalf made the arrest of Muganga a scandal few were surprised. They fit perfectly in the character of people Museveni has recruited over the years in his project to destabilize Rwanda.

In 2005 when Muganga relocated to Rwanda he made a living by giving private coaching to students who were preparing to seat for their Senior 6 exams. The irony was that Muganga had himself gotten perfect failing marks in the same exams in Uganda, a fact was unknown to his students and their parents!

Worse, he would take the money but never make the time to coach the students. When this reputation became known to parents, the coaching fees stopped coming.

Before fleeing Uganda, when he was a law school student in 2003, he had been arrested for stealing a television set. His poor mother had had to sell cows to pay the victim so that her son could be released.

The first thing he did when he arrived in Canada, apart from duping the police, was to deceive people back in Rwanda that he could get scholarships for their children to study in Canada. Those with a short memory of his character sent the money he solicited and never heard from him again. Others sent money on his promise that to buy and ship to them bargain vehicles. One victim sent him as much as $12,000 in 2019. When Muganga cut contact the vicctim ran to the authorities and his lawyer managed to place a lien on Muganga’s land located in Gahanga sector, in the Kigali outskirts.

Muganga, who has 8 children by 6 different women, married two of his students when he was a lecturer at UNILAK before relocating to Canada. But that’s not the worst. He proposed to one of his students, and went to her family for introductions when he was already in a relationship with another student who he married and divorced to marry Eva Muganga, his current wife.

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