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Latest on illicit Ugandan guns intercepted in Kenya – Kampala security team secretly negotiates for their release

By Jean Gatera

Ugandan guns were intercepted in Kenya, some at the Bungoma weighbridge (pictured left). Those guns are for regime security forces to kill, harass, and suppress Ugandans with.

New information reaching our website confirms that the guns which Kampala propaganda outlets tried to link to Rwanda – after Kenyan security services intercepted them Tuesday last week – were undoubtedly the property of Uganda.

The latest Virunga Post has learnt is that the consignment of guns – of which there was mixed police anti-riot equipment – were in six flatbed trucks. They were enroute to Kampala when Kenyan intelligence intercepted them, some in Nairobi, some at the Webuye weighbridge in western Kenya, while one truck was flagged down in Bungoma.

According to sources, when the Ugandan regime saw that the story had been reported on in Kenyan media it hatched a plan to smear Rwanda as a ploy to deflect attention from the fact Uganda is importing guns in such huge quantities at a time its security services are engaged in violently suppressing supporters of opposition candidates.

“With the recent events of shootings, and police as well as military violence against supporters of NUP’s candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, Museveni’s security forces did not want anyone, not even  Kenyan authorities, to know that Government was importing even more weapons,” a reliable source informed this website.

When Kenyan media blew the cover off the story, that was when propaganda outlets working with Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence quickly put together an article of fictions and concocted scenarios about “how the guns were linked with Rwandan security services”, supposedly to fight the (Ugandan) government with, “using wrong elements in Kampala.” This tall tale slander among other things claimed the Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda also was involved in this fictitious plot.

“This is what Museveni’s propaganda does; always finding ways to tarnish Rwanda with their dirty propaganda!” a Rwandan citizen that saw the story exclaimed. “It is just so dirty of them!” he added. “They are very embarrassed at being exposed importing weapons to kill their own people!”

The way the story got uncovered started when the six trucks, heading to Kampala lacked the proper paperwork related to arms imports. But the Ugandan authorities – the purchasers of the weapons – did not inform Kenya that the cargo was a weapons consignment prior to transit to Uganda, as it is customary in International Relations and International Law.

The Ugandans thought they would just sneak the guns, in the trucks that had carried them from Mombasa Port, through Kenya undetected. 

They were wrong, and Kenyan intelligence intercepted them.

According to Article 3 of the UN Protocol Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, what Uganda tried to do is illicit trafficking.

The article states: “Illicit trafficking shall mean the import, export, acquisition, sale, delivery, movement or transfer of firearms, their parts and components and ammunition from or across the territory of one State Party to that of another State Party if any one of the State Parties concerned does not authorize it in accordance with the terms of this Protocol or if the firearms are not marked in accordance with article 8 of this Protocol.”

Kenyan website kenyan.co.ke wrote: “Paperwork from the trucks showed they were coming from Mombasa and indicated Kampala as the final destination.”

Reliable sources have revealed that Uganda dispatched top security officials to Nairobi to negotiate the release of its weapons.

Sources in Uganda confirmed the weapons were ordered by the Ugandan government and that on Tuesday, all six trucks with their guns and anti-riot equipment had crossed into Uganda. 

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