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Kampala website peddles an outrageous fiction by UK-based pseudo rights activist Rene Mugenzi

By Alex Muhumuza

Ugandan propaganda website, Commandonepost.com hides behind Rene Mugenzi – son of a genocide perpetrator to peddle outright lies, distort the truth, and facts.

In a trend that’s long become familiar, a Ugandan propaganda website, Commandonepost.com, is amplifying misinformation by individuals with political agendas against Rwanda, which they pursue through outright lies or distortions of truth and facts.

Commandonepost – whose owner Bob Atwine takes his pay from CMI’s Deputy Director in Charge of Antiterrorism Brig. CK Asiimwe – has this Monday posted an article quoting another concocted anti Rwanda story by Rene Mugenzi (the UK-based son of a big perpetrator of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi), as if that story is gospel truth.

Rene Mugenzi, whose father Joseph Mugenzi was a staunch member of the MRND regime which planned and prepared the Genocide – in which he was an enthusiastic participant – now has come up with the yarn that “some Rwandan officials want to create uneasiness among Zambian authorities in relation to the country welcoming and hosting Rwandan refugees in peace.”

Obviously Mugenzi is alluding to recent media stories from the court case of Callixte Nsabimana, the jailed former “spokesman” of the FLN terrorist group who has aired allegations linking the Zambian leadership to FLN (which allegations Zambia has vehemently denied). But Mugenzi is very keen to build political capital out of this issue, though everyone knows the words of Nsabimana aren’t the words of Kigali, or that in Rwanda court processes are respected.

Rene Mugenzi – who fled to Europe (separately from his father) after MRND was defeated together with it’s genocidal agenda, received his UK nationality in 1997 with the lie that “he had fled genocide in Rwanda” – has never concealed his deep animosity against the current Kigali administration. One of the ways he hit upon to advance his political agenda – one shared with the many genocidaires and their allies all over the world – was to adopt the mantle of “human rights activist.”

With this habitual fraudulent ploy that he now makes his claims that “Rwandan officials want to make Zambian officials uneasy, and therefore put pressure on Rwandan refugees in Zambia.” Predictably, CMI media then pretends this is verifiable news.

It is beyond funny that Mugenzi and his CMI friends are straining to create the impression that the words of Callixte Nsabimana are the words of Kigali – the same government that’s trying him for high crimes! But we’ve by now long become inured to the absurdities of anti-Rwanda propagandists. These people always manage to outdo themselves.

In a highly tendentious statement backed with no shred of fact – a favorite tactic of Uganda intelligence-run websites and blogs – commandonepost claims: “observers say the Rwandan Government wants to use incarcerated Nsabimana to blackmail the Government of Zambia to send away hundreds of prosperous Hutu refugees living across the southern African nation.”

One searches to see what Zambian has said something like that, but in vain.

The likes of Mugenzi have other motives to be acting as desperately as they are, grasping for straws and trying to conjure issues out of nothing. He has seen the trend in Europe whereby even in countries like France, long a very reliable refuge for the biggest genocidaires, things are changing. Impunity is looking threatened.

Big fish like Kabuga who eluded justice for a quarter century has been arrested in France. “Col.” Aloys Ntiwiragabo, an ex-FAR suspect that has lived peacefully in France for a long time has been exposed in the city of Orleans by the media. Now he is being investigated for crimes against humanity, and other crimes of genocide.

Mugenzi’s own father, Joseph – convicted in absentia by a Gacaca court – has been investigated in the Netherlands, which has considered revoking his citizenship.

The world is closing in on the criminal suspects, their sense of security now gone.

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