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Kampala regime’s misinformation can’t mask Uganda’s weakened hand in MoU talks

By Alain Mucyo

Uganda’s CMI head, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho.

In an effort to outdo even its usual levels of misinformation, Chimpreports – a website directly run by Col. CK Asiimwe, the director of counterterrorism in Uganda’s Directorate of Military Intelligence – has published an article that simplistically insinuates the standoff between Uganda and Rwanda will be resolved on just one issue.

“Rwanda: Gatuna Border Will Be Reopened If Uganda Stops Arresting Our People”, claims Chimpreports on Saturday, the day after the second round of talks between the two countries on implementation of the Angola Memorandum of Understanding.

The meeting was held in Kampala on Friday between ministerial delegations from both countries and the facilitators Angola and DR Congo ended with no headway.

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The article oozes nothing but dishonesty on the part of the web-based outlet, which tried to cherry-pick and present out of context what the head of Rwandan delegation said, to suit their masters’ agenda. Minister Olivier Nduhungirehe, who headed the Rwandan delegation to the Kampala meeting clearly articulated Rwanda’s stand on what needs to be normalize ties between the two countries.

Stating the Rwandan position clearly, Nduhungirehe said the issue of illegal arrests of Rwandans only is one effect of deeper underlying problems. The problem is the safety of Rwandans in Uganda, of who over 1430 have over the last two years been arbitrarily abducted by Ugandan security, tortured and then dumped on the Rwandan border. Hundreds more remain in illegal detention in various Ugandan prisons, “safe houses” or torture dungeons, most notorious being CMI-run facilities.

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It is statements like this, “that it merely a matter of stopping arresting Rwandans then “the border opens” that shows the fundamental dishonesty of the Kampala regime, a media observer commented. The Kampala-regime misinformation outlet says nothing about all those languishing in detention long after they were abducted, and never afforded trial to defend themselves of whatever concocted charges they were abducted for.

The headline reflects a Ugandan regime mindset that has reduced everything to “border closure”! To them the lives of Rwandans matter less.

Rwanda however has emphasized there can be no freedom of trade when there is no freedom of movement; when even one Rwandan remains in illegal detention, leave alone claims that “stopping arrests will lead to open border”.

Also the Rwandan delegation, just like it has done from the start, stressed the issue of Uganda’s hosting and aiding of terror groups whose only reason for existence is to destabilize Rwanda. By now it has long been in the open how one of Museveni’s dreams is “regime change in Kigali”.

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Such dreams however are in tatters; Museveni’s eastern Congo-based proxy groups having received some thorough military routs. Everyone by now knows how Nyamwasa’s RNC has been completely smoked out of its Minembwe bases, hundreds of its fighters killed, and scores sent to Kigali to account for their crimes against Rwandans.

After that, it has been the turn of FDLR, FLN, RUD and others, to realize their days when they ran around with impunity are over. Kampala however seems to think it can continue to dilly-dally on its obligation, as per the MoU, to dismantle the RNC networks it hosts.

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As some social media commentators in Kigali have been pointing out, “Museveni’s regime can forget about “open borders” as long as it hosts its terrorist networks. “Let them trade with RNC and FDLR, not Rwanda,” said one.

During the talks at Munyonyo, Entebbe in the presence of DRC and Angola facilitators Rwanda showed further confirmation of Uganda as a haven for anti-Rwanda terrorist activity. The case of Philemon Mateke, Uganda’s state minister for regional cooperation continues to come up as a coordinator of this activity.

Rwanda presented evidence that placed Mateke at the centre of the attack by terrorists of the RUD-Urunana group, which occurred on the night of October 3 in Musanze District. In the attack, the terrorists killed over a dozen innocent people, most with assorted crude weapons like machetes and hammers.

“Most of the attackers were killed by our Forces. Some were captured alive. An assortment of material evidence, including phone handsets, and testimonies of captured attackers, was collected,” Nduhungirehe is quoted as having submitted during the meeting.

“One Ugandan telephone number appeared to have been in contact with the attackers both before and during it. And this number has been found to belong to Hon. Mateke Philemon, Uganda’s Minister of State for Regional Cooperation.”

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Several networks of these groups continue to operate freely in Uganda, the Rwandan delegation emphasized.

The facilitators tried to give the Ugandan delegation a way out. “In their wisdom, the facilitators proposed to the Ugandan delegation to expel, from their territory, known leaders and members of RNC and other armed groups as an important confidence-building measure. This didn’t entail any admission of guilt or support. They refused,” said Nduhungirehe in a tweet.
But Chimpreports merely ploughs ahead with another of Kampala’s incessant lies, that the Rwandans arrested (always with no due process) in Uganda are “involved in criminal activities.” It was one of the claims made by Kutesa during the joint press conference.

It is long debunked, and holds no water. The fact the regime can round up hundreds, including old men, women and children and accuses them of crimes ranging from “spying”, to “illegal entry”, to “illegal weapons possession” and the like has long been exposed as beyond ridiculous.

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