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Kampala propaganda outlets spin a web of falsehoods on Kigali cabinet changes

By Alain Mucyo

Media publications linked to the Ugandan intelligence apparatus on Tuesday morning labored hard to make much out of the changes made by President Paul Kagame on Monday night, trying to put a negative spin on everything.

Kampala propaganda outlets, such as Kampala Post outdid themselves “analyzing” the reshuffle. In actual sense President Kagame made a few appointments in cabinet as mandated by the Rwandan Constitution, during which he mostly filled vacant cabinet seats and made slight realignments.

The head of state also made changes in the Rwanda Defense Forces. Nothing out of the ordinary for a commander in chief. However, for the Kampala intelligence mouthpieces it was an opportunity to spew their anti-Kigali narrative, with deeply flawed analyses in their never ending campaign of misinformation.

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Kampala Post ropes in the RNC chief propagandist David Himbara, a fellow that has distinguished himself in spinning tall tales about the Rwandan government. Himbara went on to say, without substantiating anything, that President Kagame “is either arresting his generals or reshuffling them on a continuous basis.”

For an academic that his Kampala backers want the world to believe, Himbara made a complete joke of himself with that outrageous allegation. But Himbara has proven time again that he has no shame.

All is a matter of public record and it would not have taken a minute of search to get the facts on each of the officers. But when have Himbara or the Museveni regime propagandists ever been interested in facts?

Gen. Patrick Nyanvumba was a Chief of Defense Staff who was replaced, having served in the same capacity since 2013, six solid years. The Head of State then entrusted him with other duties, in a more senior capacity as the Minister of Internal Security.

Yet the misinformation specialists want everyone to believe there is something wrong with that.

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Talking of the alleged “murdered” or “arrested generals” the website does not give an example of even one. That is because they are fictitious and exist as a figment of Himbara’s imagination.

Several other blogs on CMI payroll also ran with the same story, making such sweeping allegations like “disgruntlement” in the RDF top brass – again with no shred of evidence. What the Kampala blogs would be doing other than smear Rwanda would be to analyze the disgruntlement the so-called “Bush War Generals” have created in the Ugandan military – for the past 34 years no less!

There is just so much discontent because of the old looters who just won’t go away, especially the Hima clique!, many have complained.

Other outlets like Chimpreports – an organ directly under the control of Col. CK Asiimwe, the CMI director of anti terrorism – jumped on the changes made by President Kagame pushing the long debunked narrative of “RDF having deployed forces in DR Congo and maintaining presence there”.

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Chimpreports, in total disregard of the facts continues to push the propaganda of “Rwandan forces” in DRC. “It is really strange, reading about this obsession of the Museveni regime’s with where the Rwandan military supposedly is,” said a Kigali resident. “Even more strange is how DR Congo says nothing, but the loudest alarms come from Uganda!”

One can be sure the recent routing of terror groups in DR Congo, such as RNC and FDLR – the two proxy groups of Museveni’s in his long term plot to destabilize Rwanda.

The RNC lost over 200 of its fighters in DRC mid this year and several others were captured. FDLR was routed too, and its commander Mudacumura killed. Kinshasa does not want terror groups on its territory any longer, but Chimpreports, Commandpost and all the others are taking their frustration out on Rwanda.

They will pounce on each development in Rwanda, and lie their heads off.

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