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Kampala finds another anti-Rwanda proxy; RNC breakaway faction begins operations in Uganda

By Alex Muhumuza

Uganda under President Museveni (top left) has long been a base for anti-Rwanda terrorist groups, facilitated by CMI under Maj. Gen. Kandiho (top right). Bottom (left to right), Deo Nyirigira and Sam Ruvuma are running a new terror group in Uganda, RAC

A new anti-Rwanda terrorist group, the Rwanda Alliance for Change, RAC has been born, adding to the numbers of such organizations headed by Western-based fugitives – this one in Canada. RAC, like the RNC, is working with the full knowledge and approval of Uganda’s top leadership and is actively facilitated by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence.

RAC has come into being as a breakaway faction of former high-ranking members of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC, led by its former head of intelligence, Jean Paul Turayishimiye. In Uganda the men in charge of RAC’s most important operations, i.e. mobilization and recruitment, are Pastor Deo Nyirigira – who until very recently has been the “Chairman, RNC Uganda Province” before he spectacularly fell out with the South Africa-based Nyamwasa – and Sam Ruvuma who, like Nyirigira, has until very recently been a prominent RNC member.

But the start of operations of the new anti-Rwanda terror network at first seems to have been unannounced to the Kampala leadership, and to CMI. Knowledgeable people are convinced that Nyirigira and Ruvuma (the latter is a cousin to President Museveni) for their reasons didn’t want to indicate to the Ugandan ruler that they had irreparable differences with Kayumba Nyamwasa, and that, as a result, were joining a new faction.

“Nyamwasa’s status as a Museveni’s favorite, and as head of the Ugandan ruler’s favorite anti-Rwanda proxy group is known to all, just as his close relations with CMI head Maj. Gen. Abel Kandiho,” a source commented.

So, according to the analyst, Nyirigira and Ruvuma must have decided that the dangers were very high of being dissuaded from starting a group that is antagonistic to Nyamwasa in Uganda. Their course of action was to just go ahead and start their operations without informing the Ugandan authorities, most probably calculating that they would receive Museveni’s blessings once he knew what they were up to.

“To Museveni any individual or group with intentions of terrorism against Rwanda is to be welcomed and facilitated, in all possible ways,” our source said, adding that “no doubt Ruvuma’s familial relation to Museveni would be an invaluable factor in the establishment of the new group.”

This analysis is proving very accurate, as events are indicating. When CMI first became aware there was a new group establishing cells – which was happening in Nama, Mityana District – in Uganda, they quickly dispatched Police to round up all members of the group, 32 of them, and transport them to CMI headquarters at Mbuya Military Barracks in Kampala. That was on 11 July, this year.

According to reliable sources, the 32 RAC members (who in fact had been encouraged to defect from RNC) revealed everything about how it was Nyirigira and Ruvuma that had recruited them into RAC, and how the two were very busy with plans to mobilize all over Uganda. Furthermore, according to these reliable sources, Nyirigira and Ruvuma also confirmed to CMI boss Kandiho that indeed the 32 belonged to their group.

The goal obviously is the same as when they worked with RNC: to try to destabilize the security of Rwanda through acts of terrorism.

At this stage, that’s when the calculations of the former RNC men proved to be spot on. When the news was conveyed to Museveni, the latter gave his approval. The main sign of this is that the 32 members of Nyirigira’s group have been remanded, until when they will appear in court on the light charge of “violating Covid-19 regulations”, rather than on the more serious charge of plotting to destabilize a neighboring country.

This kind of behavior shows Kampala in fact is trying to whitewash the 32 when normally they should be charged as terrorists. “Yet hundreds of Rwandans illegally detained on all sorts of concocted charges get tortured by the likes of CMI, and many are brutally dumped – it’s just more travesty by the Ugandan regime,” commented an observer.    

To anyone that knows how Ugandan intelligence agencies, most notably CMI, have been inflicting the most inhuman treatment upon Rwandans in Uganda: the arbitrary arrests; the illegal detentions incommunicado, sometimes for years, on concocted charges of “espionage”, “kidnap”, “illegal weapons possession” for which they never are tried; the torture of so many, some suffering permanent physical and psychological injuries, the plans to release the 32 RAC recruits mean only one thing. This now is an approved group in Uganda.

Its members will be released to go back to their anti-Rwanda activities, and CMI will be working with their leaders to facilitate these activities. These things are already happening. Our sources disclose, after Nyirigira and Ruvuma had their talk with the CMI leadership, the two have been openly bragging about how “they now have their own breakaway faction from Nyamwasa”, and how now they “have their own organization working with Kampala itself!”

The fact that Ugandan security organs can for a long time illegally jail and torture hundreds upon hundreds of Rwandan citizens on false charges, but then when they arrest real terrorists, red-handed, planning terrorism against Rwanda, they find ways to release them; this means Kampala has found another anti-Rwanda proxy to work with. Now its leaders are boasting about it.

“It is just another example of how untrustworthy the Ugandan ruler is!” remarked a veteran writer on security issues that requested not to be named.

Nyirigira and his colleague are busy – and freely – recruiting from the districts of Mityana, Mbarara, Isingiro, Mubende, Kakumiro, Kibale and Kyegegwa, among others, this website is reliably informed. It is reported that in all these places Nyirigira has set up committees for mobilization and recruitment.

“All this just shows you what Uganda has become,” one of our sources shook his head, adding: “a criminal group has come up to destabilize a neighbor,” in addition to already existing ones.

The Ugandan president last year signed an agreement which, among other things, commits him to dismantle negative anti-Rwanda groups. But now new terror groups are born and are successfully operating in Uganda, with the help of government.

To other watchers of regional security trends, if ever there was any doubt that Museveni has turned Ugandan territory into a permanent base for anti-Rwanda terror, these new developments should erase those doubts. Completely.

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