Home Politics Kampala-based websites attempt to distort truth about demise of Congolese human trafficker

Kampala-based websites attempt to distort truth about demise of Congolese human trafficker

By Jean Gatera

Violent Ugandan “law enforcers” manhandle, and kill civilians; the kind of behavior that Kampala propagandists often falsely project on Rwandan forces of law and order

When Rwanda Investigation Bureau last Saturday announced in a press statement that David Shukuru Mbuyi – a Congolese national suspected of human and sexual exploitation – had been shot dead while trying to escape from lawful custody, it triggered smears and mudslinging against Kigali from websites dedicated to anti-Rwanda propaganda, and sponsored by Kampala.

The RIB statement reads, “Mr. David Shukuru Mbuyi, a 25-year-old citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo arrested on suspicion of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, was shot while attempting to escape custody at Nyarugunga Police Station.” RIB also disclosed in the statement that Mbuyi was under investigation for being part of a transnational network trafficking young Rwandan women for prostitution within the country and abroad.

However, Kampala propaganda outlets like Chimpreports and Commandonepost, both organs known to be controlled by Ugandan Military Intelligence have jumped on the statement to disseminate rumors that “Mbuyi had been executed”, in articles published yesterday, Monday.

Talking of the articles, a Rwandan media expert said, “It is common knowledge that both websites are fully dedicated to anti-Rwanda propaganda and will readily publish outright fiction on matter to do with Rwanda.” As an example he pointed out Chimpreports claims in April last year that “Rwandan troops had crossed to Kisoro looking for food and drinks.” Even after its chief editor Giles Muhame was put on pressure repeatedly to produce some evidence, at least even one photograph, he could not.

“Muhame published fiction that time. Muhame has published anti-Rwanda fictions many times since then. And you can be a hundred percent sure Muhame is publishing fiction concerning the Congolese,” said the media expert.

In a press conference, RIB also revealed that one of the girls (whom the Mbuyi photographed and took videos of) had tested positive for drugs.

According to some sources, Mbuyi must have realized what a serious situation (facing a possible jail term of dozens of years) he was facing when he decided to try to escape custody. “With the four girls accusing him of being the mastermind behind live broadcast of pornography, he probably realized that there was too much evidence against him and tried to bolt,” our source said.

On the other hand, the media observer said, when propaganda organs like Chimp or Commandonepost attack Rwandan law enforcement the way they do, “they are trying to bring it down to the levels that define their own country” He added: “Rwandan law enforcement is praised for its discipline and its professionalism, and in fact has arrested many suspect human traffickers, drug dealers, and other suspects in serious crimes, with no shooting incidents.

Chimpreports, Commandonepost and others, however, have their agendas, and no fact will dissuade them from pursuing that agenda, a reader commented.

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