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Jambo, the Belgium-based umbrella group of genocide negationists attempts a funny smokescreen

By John Karera

Placide Kayumba (top left), Natasha Abingeneye (top right), Ruhumuza Mbonyumutwa (bottom right), and Liliane Bahufite (bottom left), the Jambo ASBL, lead campaigners of genocide denialism.

In a development that’s prompted much laughter in Rwandan communities in Europe, Belgium-based offspring of top suspects of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi have put out a “communiqué” claiming that, “Belgian prosecution is going to act on a complaint they filed last year, on 29 January, against ‘people that have been defaming them on the Internet.’”

The Brussels-based sons and daughters of genocidaires under their association Jambo asbl “are using one of the oldest misinformation tactic – projection,” an expert in communication said.

“Jambo asbl is a forum first and foremost of genocide deniers, negationists and trivializers,” he continued. “Their main weapon against individuals that expose genocidaires; or that denounce genocidaires – i.e. anyone denouncing their parents – is to defame them, to harass them with misinformation, and to gaslight them with accusations such as that they themselves were responsible for the very genocide of which they were victim!”

Jambo asbl was started in January 2008 by Placide Kayumba, son of Dominique Ntawukuriryayo, the former (Sous-Préfet) of Gisagara, who was sentenced to 25 years by the former International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). Among the charges against him was the killings at Kabuye Hill of more than 30,000 Tutsis. Other members include Natacha Abingeneye, daughter of Juvenal Uwilingiyimana who was one of the founders of the Interahamwe militias. Also prominent in this group is Gustave Mbonyumutwa – who was elected to chair the board of directors of the group – who is the son of Shingiro Mbonyumutwa, son of Dominique Mbonyumutwa – the latter widely known as one of the founders of Parmehutu ideology. Shingiro Mbonyumutwa is a Genocide fugitive who was a member of the MDR-Power extremists that were at the forefront of massacres and all sorts of crimes against humanity.

The children of big genocidaires are the ones proudly putting out a notice that they reported people who “defame them on the Internet”, proudly announcing that Belgian prosecution is about to act on their complaint, “as if they now are spokespeople of Belgium,” laughed an observer.

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The individuals targetted by this group, among others are 19, two of the most notable being Jean Damascene Bizimana the executive secretary of the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide, and notable genocide researcher and scholar Tom Ndahiro. “Imagine how childish it is for sons and daughters of genocide perpetrators to throw their accusation against, among others, the very person charged with combatting genocide ideology; it just exposes these Jambo people,” an informed reader remarked. 

“Jambo asbl wants to provide final information on the lawsuit it had filed to the Belgian judiciary, alleging defamation, incitement to hatred, and harassment of some of its members and others on social media,” claims their “communiqué”. “It’s been a year and a half since the investigation started and a list of 19 people could be prosecuted,” reads part of the statement shared by JAMBO asbl.

“All this is desperation and fear; it is a strategy because even in Belgium the law is closing in on their parents, and it will close in on them for their genocide denialism in the long run,” a Brussels-based source told us by email.

In September 29, 2017, Jambo Asbl submitted a file to the Belgian Parliament “expressing dissatisfaction” with the house’s move to amend Belgian laws to criminalize negation of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, and to give it the same legal standing as the Jewish Holocaust. “Jambo was clearly frightened, and you could sense their fear in their futile attempt to meddle in Belgian parliamentary matters,” said our source.

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As Rwanda was commemorating the Genocide for the twenty-fifth time, Belgium’s parliament went ahead and voted into law criminalization of its denial. The amended law also requires that all Belgian official documents refer to the Genocide as “the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda”, in accordance with UN resolutions.

This was indeed a cornerstone towards halting the activities of those that try to falsify the history and deny the genocide against the Tutsi.

“Jambo’s postures that it is “reporting individuals for defamation on internet are intended as smokescreens, with no chance of being taken seriously,” our source concluded.

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