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Itahuka, RNC’s hate radio slanders a former victim of CMI and RNC 

By Joan Karera

CMI torture victim, Pastor Jean De Dieu Singirankabo whom RNC agents are now smearing.

The US-based Rwanda National Congress (RNC)’s Itahuka online Radio, infamous for peddling lies about Rwanda, in their news on August 26, 2020, “warned” Rwandans living abroad whom it calls “opposition” to supposedly be more vigilant allegedly because “Rwanda has sent agents to hunt and kill them in countries where they are”.

While talking about the so called “agents” sent by Rwanda, the presenter who continuously referred to himself as a “politician” said: “Rev. Jean de Dieu Singirankabo who was detained last year at the CMI in Uganda arrived in the US-Washington DC few days ago. I am not Ugandan security personnel to know what he was convicted of, but if Uganda accuses you of spying or working with Rwanda, we should put God aside and treat you as an enemy and a criminal!”

Rev. Jean de Dieu Singirankabo is one of the many Rwandan victims of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI, who were dumped at Kagitumba One Stop Border Post on June 12, 2019, after six weeks of intense torture at Mbuya Military Barracks to the point that they tried to cut off his manhood, and all this was a result of his refusal to join RNC. He was living in Uganda ever since 2006 as he had begun to do missionary work on the behalf of the ADEPR Pentecostal Church International.

Itahuka which has now earned the moniker “hate radio” continued attacking the victim of CMI: “So I warn you people that go to church, mostly people in RNC and in the opposition, this pastor is one of the agents Rwanda is sending in countries where there are many people in the opposition and ‘Rwandan refugees’ to hunt and kill them as Rwanda’s leadership is very scared of the opposition.”

It is ironic to hear anyone from RNC accuse someone of being a criminal, many have remarked. “Is there is anyone more criminal than these RNC terrorists who have perpetrated so much atrocities, in Congo, in Uganda against innocent Rwandans, and in Rwanda with their grenades?” asked a Twitter account.

“They torture innocent Rwandans in CMI safe houses, but then try to convince anyone who doesn’t know them that those that who refused to join their terrorist network are the criminals,” the commentator said.

RNC agents in Uganda like one Kayumba Rugema, a nephew of Kayumba Nyamwasa, have been implicated in the torture of Rwandan citizens in Kampala, arbitrarily arrested and taken away on accusations of “espionage” that they never prove.

When CMI agents arrested Singirankabo it was their usual methods of illegal abduction, they had no evidence of the alleged spying. To informed listeners this so called journalist at RNC’s Itahuka saying that Singirankabo was convicted of being a spy is just repetition of baseless propaganda, carrying out a vendetta against someone because he refused to join their terror network.

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