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Is Victoire Ingabire up to her old tricks of inciting revolts and forming armed groups?

By Jean Gatera

Victoire Ingabire.

In an interview a few days ago with Deutschwelle – the German government broadcaster – Victoire Ingabire complains about a search warrant lawfully executed by the Rwandan Investigation Bureau (RIB), claiming “harassment”.

RIB, however, making it clear that it was executing a lawful warrant, searched Ingabire’s house in connection with an ongoing investigation into possible links to terrorist groups. On the 13th of June, RIB Spokesperson Marie Michelle Umuhoza informed the press that, “The search was ongoing to collect more evidence on the suspected criminal networks.”

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Since September 2018, Ingabire, a paroled convicted criminal, has been very active with “alarmist” statements, mainly on social media. According to observers, this always is a smokescreen to “more sinister motives.” The constant false missing person alarms actually conceal terrorist recruitment schemes, our well-informed source said.

Victoire Ingabire, who has had constant trouble with the law, also constantly changes the names of her groups – “especially when they are liable to be exposed as involved in criminal acts,” our expert source added. Not long ago Ingabire changed the name of her group from FDU-Inkingi to DALFA Umurinzi – both erroneously called political parties. None of them is legally registered.

Her long time platform FDU-Inkingi burnt its cover when the UN Group of expert revealed that it is an alliance of terrorist groups known as P5. “Ingabire must have had something very wrong going on with FDU-Inkingi as part of P5 for her to rush to rename it DALFA”, a security analyst said.

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As widely reported, Ingabire regularly engages in ringing false alarms, which, it has been revealed, “usually is cover for her henchmen or women to sneak out of the country to go join anti-Rwanda, armed terrorist groups in the region.

One of her henchmen, an individual called Gaston Munyabugingo, who was caught attempting to flee Rwanda to join P5 militias, triggered the search warrant at Ingabire’s home. Her reaction was an immediate diversion with even louder false alarms of her “arrest”, followed by the interview with Deutschwelle where she made several claims that the search was harassment.

“Her claims are patent nonsense since a competent, state security organ, RIB, conducted the search on a valid warrant,” a criminal lawyer that talked to us on condition of anonymity said. “Basically, with these kinds of claims that searches in her house are ‘harassment,’ she is trying to put herself above the law!”

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The lawyer said Ingabire seems to believe that she can fend off law enforcement using media, or social media. “Typically, by playing to the public gallery, those suspected of criminality hope to obtain some immunity, in this modern ICT era. But they forget that investigators follow evidence!”

Eight years ago Victoire Ingabire was convicted of inciting the masses to revolt against the government, forming armed groups to destabilize the country, and minimizing the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

“Clearly she has not reformed as she claimed in one of her letters to President Kagame seeking clemency. Barely two years later, the woman is still up to her old tricks,” said an observer.

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