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Ingabire plans to take Rwanda back to ‘59 but she is deluded, observers

By Moses Gisa

L-R: Top Genocide ideologues, Dominique Mbonyumutwa, Ingabire Victoire, and Juvenal Habyarimana.

The self-proclaimed “democracy and human rights activist” Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza has taken to social media platforms in a campaign that news analysts are saying is meant to sanitize criminal acts on her part. Recently details have emerged how Victoire Ingabire, a child of genocide perpetrators and ideologist, has inherited it herself, through her own activities.

“She has as well been actively involved in schemes hell-bent not only on destabilizing Rwanda, but also reviving the politics of extremism that go back to 1959,” different Rwandans have been roasting her on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

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Ingabire claims that when she went to Europe – in the Netherlands – it was “to seek refuge.” The truth is that she was in Europe on a scholarship of the old genocidal regime of Habyarimana; and she got the scholarship due to her mother’s close ties with the regime. Her mother Theresa Dusabe, a nurse in Butamwa, had an affair with Habyarimana’s personal doctor Akingeneye who then facilitated her to get a job in the Finance Ministry.

Those that know this family are certain that is how the daughter of Theresa Dusabe, Umuhoza Victoire Ingabire, secured a Dutch scholarship in 1992.

While Ingabire was in the Netherlands, however, the RPF had battled, and defeated the genocidal regime (during the 94 Genocide against the Tutsi Ingabire’s mother was a notorious participant, mostly targeting Tutsi women). “So, if Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza was in Holland on the scholarship of a regime that massacred over a million people, how can she claim she was seeking exile because she had fled that regime,” laughed one of our sources that know her very well.

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“The fact is that she was frightened of the sins her benefactor regime, and her parents had committed; she apparently thought RPF was like the genocidaires who can just murder someone because of family ties!”

But while in the Netherlands where she remained on pretenses of “exile”, Ingabire was approached by renowned Genocide perpetrators led by the former head of external intelligence in the Ex-FAR, Lt. Col Juvenal Bahute. The objective was “to form a political party”. The ideology, however, remained that of MRND: a tribalist, exclusivist organization was what they had in mind – that same as MRND, and going back to it’s ideological forebear, Parmehutu of Kayibanda, Gitera and Mbonyumutwa.

“That is the politics of Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza, let no one deceive you otherwise,” commentators say.

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The likes of Bahute chose her to represent them “as a disguise”, but also as someone they would mold to become “totally committed to the divisive ideologies of mass extermination.”

In 1995, the woman teamed up with top Genocidaires in exile to form something called “Rassemblement Démocratique pour la Liberation du Rwanda” (RDLR), which later in 1996 changed to Party for the Liberation of Rwanda (PALIR) whose “armed wing” (security sources refer to them as armed terrorists) known as the Army for the Liberation of Rwanda, ALIR. Her extremist politics were clear from the word go; you have to be willfully blind not to have seen it, genocide researchers like Tom Ndahiro say.

Ingabire remained in the top leadership of these groups as they perpetrated terror in eastern DRC, even as they changed names. In March 1997, ALIR rebels attacked from eastern Congo into Uganda’s Bwindi Forest, killing eight tourists: four Britons, two Americans and two New Zealanders. The US Department of State blacklisted ALIR and slapped sanctions on it. With such international heat, the wily Ingabire and others in the leadership of this cutthroat outfit changed its name.

On 1st May, 2002 the terrorist outfit became “Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda”, the infamous FDLR, with its “armed wing” named Force Combattante Abacunguzi – FOCA. The Dutch Police provided supporting evidence to Rwandan Prosecution on Ingabire’s involvement in the establishment of these terrorist groups. Also, one Specioze Mujawayezu testified to the Dutch Police about having wired money to Maj. Uwumuremyi aka Dieudonne, on Ingabire’s behalf.

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After the Rwandan military defeated the different insurgencies by ALIR – from 96 to their final defeat in 2001 – Ingabire then found a new ploy: “political activism or human rights.” It was just a facade as she remained “as committed as ever to terrorism,” observers say. In 2010 Ingabire returned to Rwanda. Immediately she infamously visited the Genocide Memorial at Gisozi to utter words the double genocide theory – a favorite ploy of deniers of the 94 Genocide against the Tutsi. Afterwards she went to honor the grave of Dominique Mbonyumutwa – one of the fathers of the genocide ideology.

Supporters and apologists of Ingabire and her activities this month have been all over international media following lawful searches of her house by Rwandan law enforcement agencies. Rwanda Investigations Bureau conducted the search as part of investigations on Ingabire’s activities in terrorist groups operating outside Rwanda. RIB, “had good information from Gaston Munyabugingo, one of Ingabire’s associates who was arrested while attempting to sneak to DRC,” according to RIB Spokesperson Marie Michelle Umuhoza.

Ingabire – who in late 2018 was released from prison as the recipient of a presidential clemency after serving half of her 15-year term (upon conviction of charges of denying the genocide, spreading rumors to incite revolt, and threatening the state’s security) – seems restless.

“She thinks it is her mission to take Rwanda back to 1959, but she is deluded,” said Mwene Kalinda, an influential Twitter commentator.

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