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In leaked audio, Boonabana invokes Museveni’s name to intimidate businessman after she stole his money

By Alex Muhumuza

RNC agents Prossy Boonabana and Sulah Nuwamanya – a leaked audio shows how they invoke their connections to the Ugandan ruler, to intimidate and steal.

In a Soundcloud audio circulating on social media, RNC agent Prossy Boonabana is heard loudly threatening Henry Mugisha – a Kampala businessman that she and her henchman Sulah Nuwamanya robbed of US$ 37,500, then set agents of Ugandan military intelligence agents (CMI) on him when he demanded to be paid his money.

In the recording, Mugisha – who has been demanding his money from Boonabana since 23 March this year – is heard complaining about an armed man that Boonabana has brought to his business premises.

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“What’s that man doing here?” a worried Mugisha asks, probably thinking he is going to be shot. “This is a business, what is that man doing here?!”

Then Boonabana in a loud, domineering voice says: “That man was given to me by the president of this country to guard me!” The businessman, clearly taken aback, asks: “so why do you work with a person that threatens?!”

People that know the activities in Uganda of RNC – the group led by Kayumba Nyamwasa whose goal is to destabilize Rwanda through terrorism – are not surprised that the Ugandan ruler gives its agents armed guards. It is already well known that Museveni long ago assigned CMI, under (Maj. Gen. Abel) Kandiho, to work with RNC and facilitate it in all possible ways – recruiting, mobilizing, setting up cells in different parts of Uganda, even abducting and torturing innocent Rwandans that refuse to be part of RNC, or to betray their country.

“But to hear RNC agents using the same policemen or guns that Museveni gives them to facilitate private criminal acts; to utilize them in criminal, self-enrichment schemes, such as Boonabana intimidating Mugisha whose money she stole – even in Uganda this is a bit surprising, but again it is not!” knowledgeable, social media commentators were saying.

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The Soundcloud audio has come to light after the businessman – who runs a successful forex bureau, Lloyds FX on Lumumba Avenue in the Ugandan capital – dragged Boonabana to court earlier this week with proof that she and Nuwamanya together with an armed policeman, Godfrey Chebet, broke into his office and stole documents and US$ 2,500. “They broke into my office to steal receipts, and signed documents that indicate Boonabana already owed me US$ 35,000,” Mugisha told Kampala’s media outside Buganda Court Road on the morning of Thursday, this week

According to the lawsuit that Mugisha lodged on 10 this month (which one of our sources saw) it was not long after Boonabana’s threats that “she had been given a guard by Museveni”, that she and Nuwamanya were back at Lloyds FX offices with more CMI agents, to hurl accusations at Mugisha that “he is a Rwandan spy that has been involving himself in Uganda’s internal affairs!”

They even alleged that Mugisha had a gun and eavesdropping gadgets in his office.

Such are the connections of the RNC agents with CMI that CMI operatives abducted the businessman away at Boonabana’s orders then she, Nuwamanya, and Chebet (the armed man that they utilized to threaten Mugisha) broke into his office to then steal the documents and the money.

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Mugisha, a Ugandan citizen who has nothing to do with politics or “spying” spent nine days in Kireka CMI Police Station in April this year, “just because he had dared demand his money!” Luckily for him, he must have had powerful connections that were able to get him out of “CMI’s illegal detention”, as his lawsuit said.

It has long come to light that many Rwandan nationals in Uganda, or even Ugandans with Rwandan roots have fallen prey to the intimidation, and thieving of Boonabana and Nuwamanya. Usually it is enough for Boonabana or Nuwamanya to bark at a scared Rwandan, someone with money: “your days are numbered you! Do you know who we are?” Boonabana and Nuwamanya like to brag. “You ask; we even meet the president. He knows us and gives us soldiers!”

Usually a threat such as, “we are going to report you that you are a Kigali spy!” will follow. Any Rwandan will be so frightened they will just give these people any money one has.

Very many Rwandans that have been abducted on different false charges have ended up in different dungeons, or ungazetted places of detention and illegally detained, incommunicado, while CMI or RNC agents inflict on them “torture of the kind silence them forever,” a few lucky survivors of it have said.

This website has talked to Rwandans that left Uganda after such experiences.

It isn’t only Boonabana or Nuwamanya exploiting Kampala’s anti-Rwanda hostility for criminal self-enrichment, it has long been known. “It is a whole network of crooks in Uganda’s security corridors,” said a former victim that has now settled back in Kigali.

“They are drunk with impunity!” he exclaimed.

This is why other observers are certain that though Mugisha has managed to drag the two RNC agents to court, “nothing will happen to them. They will not be locked up or punished in any way, because they enjoy the protection of Museveni, and the protection of CMI!” They even brag about it!

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